The Psychology of Wellness Nudges

Fairness often depends as much on perception as reality.

Reluctance to Blame the System

If we voters don’t demand that candidates lay out specific ideas of how to change our healthcare system to promote efficient spending, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Extremists Less Influenced by Psychological Anchoring

Our political divisions are not simply a result of political differences. They also result from variations in the way we form our judgments.

The Behavioral Economics of Stage Fright

When something changes the way we feel about a decision, it will probably change the way we think about it, too.

The Power of Thinking About Your Legacy

The policies we embrace today should promote the promise of tomorrow.

Does the Thought of Money Make Us Dishonest?

Our moral backbones are often quite pliable, bending to the social norms of things like our workplace.

Bribing Good Behavior

If $10 here and $20 there will cancel out some of these losses and improve these people’s health at the same time — I’m all for it.

Is Homoeconomicus a Psychopath?

Now we have a better sense not only of how poorly the neoclassical economic view of human nature characterizes most humans, but also of how poorly behaved the people are who act according to this caricature.

Is a Red Light Effective to Stop People from Drinking Coke?

We have a long distance to travel, before we arrive at Nutritional Facts labels that quickly inform consumers about what is good and bad for them to ingest.

Why We Cannot Trust Political Pundits, or Ourselves

None of us perceive the world objectively. Our sense are contaminated by our hopes. Our vision is clouded by our biases.

When It Comes to Sex, We Are all Animals

Our behavior is influenced by unconscious forces programmed into our DNA.

Is [Favorite Politician] Narcissistic Enough to Be President

Is the kind of extroversion that helps people succeed in modern political campaigns also helpful in making our presidents better leaders once elected?

How to Trick People Into Caring About Healthcare

Experts often refer to three aims for a modern healthcare system – to offer access, quality, and cost: a possibly unachievable set of goals. If you were to prioritize any one of these items, what would it be? How much of this decision do you think would be rooted in moral values?

Can Circular Reasoning Make You Rich?

Do you think circular reasoning or linear reasoning leads people to save more money?

Do People on the Right Feel Superior to Those on the Left?

Are opinionated conservatives more certain of the superiority of their views than opinionated liberals?

Has Obamacare Made Restaurants Partisan?

Are we heading towards a society where our choice of restaurant must now be based on our political allegiances?

The Plural of "Anecdote" Is Not "Data"

Thinking the plural of "anecdote" is "data" = bad reasoning and stunningly bad science.

Is Lebron James Fattening His Wallet by Fattening Our Kids?

Should celebrities like Lebron James and Peyton Manning be using their power to endorse healthy products?

On the Allure of Cheating

Perhaps the way to reduce crime is to find harmless ways for people to cheat.

A Challenge Figuring Out What Causes Behavior

What are the true costs of defensive medicine?

Denying Jobs to Smokers is Bad Policy

As much as I like the idea of incentivizing people to kick the habit, denying jobs to qualified people because they smoke is not an appropriate intervention.

How Anti-Alcohol Regulations Promoted...Prostitution?

Sometimes government regulation has unintended consequences, like prostitution.

Would the Founding Fathers Approve of a Sugar Tax?

Based on the history of alcohol prohibition, taxing sugar is a much better way to combat obesity than banning sugary beverages.

What's Wrong with Gay Boy Scout Leaders?

Why banning gay Scout leaders lacks moral consistency.

What Bracketology Teaches Us About Banking

Would you want your hard earned money invested with someone who's performed the financial equivalent of picking Lehigh over Duke?

Why James Bond Needs to Use Condoms

Hollywood could help us address the public health crisis of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

I Will Gladly Pay More Taxes to Expand High School Sports

Obesity is a cultural disease. Changing our culture into one that promotes physical activity starts by making a priority out of funding school sports.

Why It Is So Difficult to Kill the Death Panel Myth

Why is the death panel myth so hard to shake and why is its persistence relevant to the unfolding of Obamacare?

Can a $20 Rebate Amount to Highway Robbery?

Is a $20 rebate highway robbery?

Brain Control and Consumer Behavior

Auditory illusions can teach us about the limits of free markets.