Letter from DSM-5 Task Force Head Leaves Major Concerns

DSM-5 leaders' letter fails to reassure about lack of science and openness.

Psychiatric Diagnosis Czars Pathologize Sexuality and Reactions to Physical Illness

Who decides what are normal sexuality and feelings about physical illness?

Psychiatric Diagnosis Arbiters Decide How Boys vs. Girls Should Act and Feel

Psychiatric diagnosis as tool to push gender conformity

“Parental Alienation Syndrome:" Another Alarming DSM-5 Proposal

Using a medicalizing label to mask child sexual abuse

Does Committing Rape Mean You Are Mentally Ill?

Dangerous, new idea for "rapism" as psychiatric diagnosis

Every Civilian Listen to a Vet's Story: Marking Memorial Day

Ending America's war-illteracy problem and increasing human connections

Science Sure Isn't Golden: That Racist, Sexist Psychology Today Essay and the PT Editors

What the public doesn't know about the racist/sexist Psychology Today essay

Psychology Today Blogs and Comments: Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Misuses of Science

Encouraging debate while respecting science and avoiding oppression

Alert to readers of this blog -- about comments left by readers

Alert to readers of this blog -- about comments left by readers

Overcoming Homophobia: Progress Despite the Rocky Road

Homophobia, servicemembers, and the lords of psychiatric diagnosis

Should Obesity Be Called a Mental Illness?

Relationships between obesity and emotion

Elephant in the Living Room: Obesity Epidemic and Psychiatric Drugs

Why are psychotropic drugs unmentioned in anti-obesity initiatives?

Ongoing Labors of Love: Changing Mental Set about How to Help Wounded Warriors and Others

Rethinking what steps we can take to help veterans and other traumatized people

War-Traumatized People: What to Call Them, How to Help Them

Controversies about labeling and helping veterans and other traumatized people.

Beyond the Flowers and Cards, Mother's Day's Original Meaning

The role of war and peace in the origin of Mother's Day

Mother's Day Thoughts: What's Funny, and What's Not?

Myths, Humor, and "Jokes" about Mothers

DSM-5 Heads’ New Comments Reveal Lack of Compassion and of Respect for Science

Human costs, critical thinking about psychiatric diagnosis too often ignored

What? Psychiatrists Now Define “Openness”? (Part 2)

The Inside Story of Our Conference Call with the DSM-5 Heads

Bin Laden’s Death: Myths About What It Means

What bin Laden's death means and doesn't mean

What? Psychiatrists Now Define “Openness"? (Part 1)

Diagnostic manual authors claim openness but reject transparency

Why NOT Call War Trauma a Mental Illness?

Gains and losses of calling war trauma a mental illness

What Is a Healthy Response to War?

Should war-caused emotional pain be called a mental illness?

When Psychologists Make Life-or-Death Decisions

How psychologists directly determine who lives and dies in justice system.

Who Decides What Kind of Bias and Mistreatment Is Worse?

College students consider racism a more serious problem than sexism; sexual assault a common problem

We Do Not Live in a Postracial, Postfeminist World: This Is News?

New study shows campus racism, sexism thrive.

Finding the Sacred

Listening to war veterans brings us to the core of life, in intense confrontation with life and death

What's Wrong With This Picture? Psychiatrists' Focus on Drugs and Emotional Distance

When money and drugs trump therapists' humane approach

The Astonishing Power of Listening

How respectful listening helps without pathologizing ... and can be helpfully done by laypeople

Bumps in the Middle of the Road

When moderate, critical thinking gets called extremism, and any relationship choice seems problematic