Powerful Psychiatrists Push False Theory on Unknowing Souls

Top psychiatrists conceal truth from depressed patients

Military Researchers Avoid Looking at War's Role in Veterans' Suffering

Scientists Ignore War as Source of Emotional Suffering

Supreme Court Forbids Crucial Protection for Church Employees

Supreme Court Overreaches in Ruling about Church-State Separation

Top Psychiatrists Again Try to Quash Debate

American Psychiatric Association Shuts Down Critical Website

Who Will Protest Against the DSM Harm?

The forces keeping the psychiatric diagnosis juggernaut rolling and misleading the public are more powerful than ever.

Harvard Should Set Better Example for Treating Lowest-Paid

Have-nots Shouldn't Need to Fight the Haves for Wages and Respect

Challenging of DSM-5 Growing Fast

Many Divisions of American Psychological Association Support Anti-DSM Petition

Elitism Has No Place in Psychology

A Plea for Therapists' Openness and Accessibility

Emotional Healing Without Pathologizing or Drugging

A recent conference at Harvard's Kennedy School displayed profound caring and respect for those who suffer. The variety of approaches would have been astonishing to those who believe that help for suffering comes only in two varieties: Drugs and psychotherapy.

Government Mistreatment of Women Exposed

Federal Agents' Restraint and Psychological Torture of Pregnant Immigrant Women

U.S. Plays Politics and God by Executing Human Beings

The Politics of Horror: Deciding Who Dies

Sexism Rears Its Ugly Head: Article about Palin Bio

Love of Gossip, Dislike of Palin Don't Justify Sexist Standards

Trying to Read the Minds of Wal-Mart's Top Brass

Wal-Mart Initiatives Not Aimed to Help Wal-Mart Women

Guessing What’s Normal: Ageism and Fear of Memory Loss

Where to Draw the Line Between Ordinary Forgetting and Alzheimer's

Full Disclosure Needed About Psychiatric Drugs That Shorten Life

Research Shows Some Psychiatric Drugs Decrease Lifespan

Veterans Affairs Department Fights Court Order to Improve Treatment

Veterans Denied Due Process In Getting Help for Emotional Trauma

The Silence That Kills

Time to Break Dangerous Silence about What Veterans Need

Psychiatric Diagnosis Used to Call Military Rape Victims “Sick”

Sexually assaulted servicewomen labeled mentally ill

Association for Women in Psychology Addresses DSM-5 Concerns

Bias in psychiatric diagnosis website exposes problems with new DSM-5

DSM-5 Editors Open to Public Comments Until July 18

Slightly extended deadline for public comments about DSM-5 proposals

Where Has All the Funding Gone for Suffering War Veterans?

Missing money and lack of social support for war veterans

This July Fourth, Listen to a Veteran

Veterans Administration officials cite rising rates of suicide, incarceration, homelessness and unemployment. Small wonder a U.S. appellate court recently ordered complete overhaul of VA mental health treatment.

Questioning the Breaking News about War Veterans and Prison

Care needed to interpret new U.K. study of vets in British prisons

Why Psychotherapists Write Novels and Plays

How therapy differs from fiction and theatre.

Coming Home from Psychology to Theatre: A Kind of Father’s Day Memory

How my parents and two women in theatre changed my life

Letter from DSM-5 Task Force Head Leaves Major Concerns Unanswered Part 2

DSM-5 leaders fail to reassure about lack of science, openness, and harm

DSM-5 Task Force Extends Deadline for Sending Comments

Deadline for DSM-5 comments extended to July 15

Letter from DSM-5 Task Force Head Leaves Major Concerns

DSM-5 leaders' letter fails to reassure about lack of science and openness.