What Is Mental Illness Anyway? Troubling Coopers Interview

Anderson Cooper and Bradley Cooper muddy the waters about what mental illness is.

Speed-Diagnosing Contest Run by Psychiatric Times

Psychiatric Times holds contest with "real gold" prizes for speed-diagnosing.

MLK Birthday Address: Stopping Gun Violence

It's one serious mistake to assume that therapists can prevent violence and another serious mistake to assume that background checks of people diagnosed with mental illness will reduce gun violence.

Hollywood Insists on Calling Normal People Crazy

Media hype about two award-nominated films presents people as mentally ill when actually they are not.

The Hurry to Heal: Therapists Cannot Explain Everything

The experts cannot yet explain the Newtown shootings and maybe never will be able to. But there are questions all of us can ask and actions we can take.

Human Rights Day Dec. 10: Freedom from Psychiatric Labeling

Being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder often deprives people of basic human rights while failing to reduce the suffering for which they initially sought help. Actions are being taken to end that deprivation.

APA Refuses to Listen to Voices of People Hurt

Activism Aimed to Hold Unregulated American Psychiatric Association Accountable for Harm Caused by Diagnostic Manual

APA Does Not Care about Weaponized Diagnosis

APA refuses to consider merits of ethics complaints from veteran and others seriously harmed by DSM labels.

Who Cares? Hard Data About Avoidance of Veterans

Keeping veterans at arms' length, too few American civilians recognize their common humanity with those who have served in the military. But we need to find that common humanity and connect.

Will the APA Listen to the Voices of Those Harmed?

APA takes little action about complaints about harm from psychiatric diagnosis.

Psychologists Participate in Torture of Illegal Detainees

Unethical for American Psychological Association to allow psychologists to participate in detainee "interrogations"

Sex and the Myth of Women’s Masochism

Helen Gurley Brown sought not just sexual liberation but also respect for women.

What do Exits Mean?

What we learn from thinking about and marking exits as much as we do entrances.

Military Sexual Assault: The Aftermath

Women raped in the military confront struggles about reporting and being pathologized

Is Anybody Listening to Veterans?

Veterans need listeners, alternative approaches to heal

A Mother's Day Conundrum

It's demeaning to mothers to claim that if they need care, that makes them children.

Patients Harmed by Diagnosis Find Their Voices

This weekend, in a pioneering move, a number of people harmed in a wide array of ways by psychiatric diagnosis are asking the creators of the diagnostic manual to take responsibility for the way that, through failing to follow ethical principles, they have misrepresented their book as scientifically-grounded and caused immense harm.

A Place for Women to Be Safe, Plan Their Futures

As Women's History Month continues, some of the least-recognized women are those who serve or have served in the military. Since women have until very recently accounted for only a tiny fraction of servicemembers and veterans, and since women have not officially been in combat positions, many people have not even been aware that they are considered "veterans."

Steps Anyone Can Take to Help Stop Interpersonal Violence

Women's History Month is a good time to look at the still painful, complicated problem of what used to be called "wife battering" and is now called the genderless "domestic violence" (DV). Although some people have claimed that there is no sex difference in the perpetrating of domestic violence, women are less likely to initiate such violence and more likely to be injured.

For International Women's Day, Consider Ongoing Misogyny

Manifestations of Bias Against Women are Legion

Protest Against DSM Diagnoses Increases

Mental health professionals and other organizations issue anti-diagnosis statements.

Powerful Psychiatrists Push False Theory on Unknowing Souls

Top psychiatrists conceal truth from depressed patients

Military Researchers Avoid Looking at War's Role in Veterans' Suffering

Scientists Ignore War as Source of Emotional Suffering

Supreme Court Forbids Crucial Protection for Church Employees

Supreme Court Overreaches in Ruling about Church-State Separation

Top Psychiatrists Again Try to Quash Debate

American Psychiatric Association Shuts Down Critical Website

Who Will Protest Against the DSM Harm?

The forces keeping the psychiatric diagnosis juggernaut rolling and misleading the public are more powerful than ever.

Harvard Should Set Better Example for Treating Lowest-Paid

Have-nots Shouldn't Need to Fight the Haves for Wages and Respect

Challenging of DSM-5 Growing Fast

Many Divisions of American Psychological Association Support Anti-DSM Petition

Elitism Has No Place in Psychology

A Plea for Therapists' Openness and Accessibility