Valentine’s Day Alarm: Violence Against Women by Budget Cuts

The elimination of funding for the Violence Against Women Act must be prevented.

Awardwinning Play, Film About Humans, not Psychopathology

Are you tired of plays and movies focused on people's pathology and meanness? Awardwinning play opening November 9 might be for you!

The Naked Emperor and the Vanishing Veteran

Whispered about but generally hidden, the dramatic decrease of support for veterans must be exposed and changed.

Top Psychiatrist's Stunning Announcement About Gun Violence

American Psychiatric Association speaks the truth about gun violence and mental illness, but politicians ignore her.

Language Precision Helps Us to Educate and Learn

Imprecise use of language often reflects cloudy thinking, causes further clouding, and can cause serious harm.

New Book Tracks Myriad Ways Mental Health System Fails

Bonnie Burstow's new book tracks forces that cause devastation of people's lives in the mental health system

What Has Changed and What Has Not

Post-Independence Day thoughts about what needs to change.

We Are All Emanuel A.M.E. Church!

Proclaim "We Are All Emanuel A.M.E. Church!" in solidarity with the massive, needed struggle against racism

Listen to a Veteran!

Nonveterans have civic responsibility to listen to veterans, new Public Service Announcement campaign begins

Sexism in Mental Health Practice

Misogyny in the mental health system warrants special attention during Women's History Month.

Sticks and Stones and Misogynist Terms and Actions

Time to celebrate what women have achieved, while vowing to impel the work that remains to be done.

What About Those Who Are Alive?

Too few nonveterans know how anyone can help a veteran, but here are dozens of simple ways

Helping Instead of Politicking

Congressman Raul Ruiz is a model of serving constituents by impelling real change.

Fourth of July Meditation on Independence

A personal essay about war, independence, and liberation

The Rest of the Iceberg: Exposing Secrets

The whole truth about the VA's mistreatment of veterans -- and society's ignoring of them -- must come out.

For Mother's Day, Demythologize and Show Respect for Mothers

Devaluing of Mothers and Motherhood Myths Continue to Thrive

Equal Means Equal: Fight for Women's Rights

Brave, new movie exposes deep and pervasive need for equal rights amendment.

The Great "Crazy" Coverup

Rewriting the history of the successive editions of the psychiatric diagnostic manual causes harm.

Women as Subjects of Employment Discrimination

Sexism in the workplace persists and results in human rights violations

The Slow Pace of Revolution

Activists about military sexual assault have made important changes and are rightly impatient for much more.

Curing Loneliness Takes a Village

Inspirational community action to cure "terrible disease of loneliness"

What the Supreme Court Needs to Find Out

Supreme Court and appeals court justices may never know who submits some amicus briefs or how to determine what is and is not good science.

The Art of Healing Through the Arts

Art, Poetry, Music Connect Veterans and Nonveterans, Promote Healing

Personal Nightmare Helped Shape Pioneer Feminist

Important, new work shows women escaping from suffering and oppression

Who Has Them? Do You Have Them?

"Equal Means Equal" film-in-progress sorely needed to educate about the need to revive and pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S.

Much-needed Women and Media Conference Energizes, Inspires

"Feminism" is not a dirty word. It's a still-essential movement, and impelling it forward is a civic responsibility. It's also energizing and inspiring.

On Syria and Related Concerns

Complexities and fears related to the question of an attack on Syria...and images of ongoing suffering from our other wars.

Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project’s Progress

National resolution, new video, community education and action help veterans in nonpathoogizing, low-risk ways through Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project of having nonveterans simply listen to veterans from all wars.

Today is Women's Equality Day...Not

Subtle sexism in the workplace keeps women from leadership roles.

Healing Without Harming

Rediscovery of the healing power of simply listening spreads like wildfire