Harness Your Imagination to Break Bad Habits

Harness Your Imagination to Break Bad Habits

By tapping into a myth for positive change, you may guide yourself toward what you desire that is within your power to attain.

Sixteen Ways to End Insomnia

Use tested cognitive behavioral methods to get a good night’s sleep and to maintain the gain.

Protect Yourself From Procrastination

Prevent procrastination by ending prologues to postponements. Once free from these twisted tales, you’ll have more time to improve yourself and your life.

How to Pick a President

Let’s look at a sample of Presidential-level attributes that you can use to evaluate President Barrack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney that you might also develop in yourself.

Are You in a Rut? Take the Test

Are you stuck in a miserable job, feel bent by a moribund relationship, or generally feel down in the dumps? Take a test to figure out psychological reasons for feeling stuck. Learn seven ways to free yourself from these depressing ruts.

How to Find a Great Psychology Self-Help Book

Read this before you buy your next self-help book.
Finally, Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Finally, Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Stop crash dieting. Stay trim. Learn how, now.

Generosity: Acts of Kindness

A combination of greatness and altruism marks the path of an exceptional person. Is this path worth following?

Love, Sex, and Relationship Stuff

Sixteen ideas for sexual delight from the world's greatest sex therapist.

Protect Yourself From Yourself

Build four pillars of strength as you wipe out unwanted emotional problems.

Are There ‘Legitimate Reasons’ for Procrastinating?

Before you can tear down obstacles to a productive life, you first need to see them.

Making Positive Life Altering Changes

Dr. Nosheen Khan Rahman shares a client’s experience of what it takes to break free from inner tyranny by stretching for the good life.

Teach Children to be Healthy and Happy

Educator Giulio Bortolozzo tells how to teach yourself and teach children to think rationally.

Think Your Way to Happiness

University of California adjunct professor, Dr. John Minor, shows how self-inflicted cognitive miseries sabotage opportunities for happiness. Can you escape the trap?

Combatting Anger Thinking

Anger management expert Dr. Irwin Altrows shows how to use a simple ABC method to overcome fits of anger.

Breaking an Anxiety, Depression, Perfectionism, Connection

Charlottesville VA psychotherapist, Dr. Russell Grieger, shares seven strong steps to stop feeling anxious and depressed.

Combatting the 'I’m Powerless' Myth

American Counseling Association "Living Legend” Dr. Jon Carlson points to a pivotal principle for personal change that is at the heart of the work of two great psychotherapy system builders.

Bouncing Back After Injury or Loss

Using a case example, Toronto Canada psychotherapist Dr. Sam Klarreich tells how a personal tragedy can lead to resiliency, and the necessary tools to help make this happen.

Mental Magic

Atlanta Georgia psychotherapist Ed Garcia shares his thoughts on love, growth, change, and happiness.

Stop Enabling Now

Psychologist Dr. Pamela Garcy shares seven steps to building high frustration tolerance and backbone to help loved ones stop their addictive behaviors.

Emotions and Depression

Overcome anxiety, depression, and other emotions that can weigh you down. Use a proven ABC technique.

Mapping Your Patterns of Delay

Track what you do when you procrastinate. Plot a new direction. Enjoy the benefits.

Beyond Adversity

Roll with the punches. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. How do you do this? Read how now.

Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxieties

Can you learn to feel confident in social situations?

Combating Depression

Depression is often debilitating. This doesn’t have to be. You can free yourself from this burden.

Defeating Depressive Thinking

Free yourself from depression’s extra burdens. Recognize the cognitive signatures for depression. Use a flip technique for relief.

The Ostrich Trap

Get your head out of the sand. Use the principle of positive initiatives to clear needless fears and procrastination from your path.

Combat Depression with Procrastination Technology

Procrastination and depression often go hand-in-hand. Learn to break the cycle. Feel good again.

The Devil Made Me Do It

Aesop’s The Grasshopper and the Ant and Goethe’s Faust carry timeless messages about human nature and procrastination. However, Faust yields an insight about a shadowy form of procrastination that is important for you to recognize.

What’s Wrong With a Stay-At-Home Mom?

Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney’s knowledge of economics triggered a question about the value of being a stay-at-home mom. As a son of a stay-at-home mom, I’ll share my perspective on why Rosen’s remark was ill-advised.