The Movie "Spotlight" Exposes the Power of Denial

Are you aware of your tendency to deny the things that are hard to face? The Spotlight Movie shows us how we are all vulnerable to denial.

How to Motivate Children Through Purpose

Is it difficult to know how to motivate your child to try harder and perform better? An understanding of the why is the key to improving motivation.

Inside Out Movie Focuses on the Importance of Emotions

Disney's Pixar Inside Out movie teaches through entertainment, the importance of processing and understanding a child's emotions.

10 Lessons I Learned from Little League Baseball

Most baseball players strike out 7 of 10 times at bat. Baseball is great preparation for achieving life goals in that it requires perseverance, commitment, determination and frustration tolerance in order to be a great player.Baseball is fantastic way to learn those life skills while having fun.

10 Ways Mother's Day Provides Life Lessons to Children

Mother's Day is much more than what advertisers make it. It's a chance to celebrate mom, while teaching children some very valuable skills and life lessons.

10 Essential Parenting Tips From the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots' behavior during the pre-Superbowl deflategate scandal can be applauded and emulated. How people respond under the pressure of scrutiny and stress often defines true character. 10 ten take aways for parents will help them guide their children to a better outcome when the stress is unavoidable.
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Six Parenting Tips to Promote Heroism in Your Child Today

Most parents would like to instill heroic-like qualities in their children. The social psychology research indicates that character traits that bring heroism to the forefront in people are formed by factors beyond temperament. People are not born heroes, they are made that way and early in life is a time to instill traits associated with heroism.

How to Teach Football Players to Control The Violence

The NFL must make right on all that is wrong and put the well being of the players and their families before the game and insist on non-violent off-field behavior. If children learn when they are young in explicit terms that off-field violence is not tolerated, they may very well act accordingly for the duration and early training by coaches can help this process.

Leaning Into Parenting Breaks Down Gender Stereotypes

For children who are raised in gender role specific environments, gender stereotypes are more difficult to break. Studies have shown that parents’ teach most effectively through modeling and therefore those who model behaviors that are non-gender specific will raise children with less gender biases.
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6 Strategies to Help Parents Communicate About Sex

There's no longer the one big talk when communicating about sexuality with children. The one time birds and the bees discussion is a thing of the past. Research indicates that parents who talk to their children at younger ages about sexuality de-stigmatize the topic and have more influence over children’s sexual behavior as they get older.

4 Areas of Challenge for All Teens Today

Teenager pressures have increased during the past two decades and yet their brain development is not increasing at the same pace. Regardless of how much is thrown at teens, their brains will not be fully developed on average until age 25. Teenagers are pros at masking their difficulties and when parents have blinders on, this can make for a dangerous combination.

Are Parents Practicing Traditional American Values?

The Fourth of July is a celebration of America, and the ideals and values that are her foundation. However, are parents today instilling these traditional values in their children? Has our society, built on a hard worth ethic and responsibility of self, eroded to one rooted in materialism and celebrity?

10 Parenting Tips for Inspiring an Attitude of Gratitude

Studies have shown that people who are grateful are considerably happier, 25% or more, than those that are not grateful. This fact alone inspires me to teach an attitude of gratitude to my children. The concept of gratitude can be abstract for many children and teens. The challenge for parents is making gratitude a concrete, everyday experience.
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Advice for Parents of Competitive Athletes

As a society and culture, we are undecided as to whether coaches need to be bullies in order to motivate athletes.When an overly zealous coach threatens a child’s love for a sport, parents can intervene and support their child in several ways including listening and helping them make sound decisions.

6 Taboo Thoughts That Parents Have

Parents love their children and yet they sometimes confuse their child’s needs with their own needs in order to fulfill unmet wishes in their lives. When parents are able to grieve and accept their disappointments and resolve their inner conflicts, they can build strong connections to their children.

When Parents Lie

Parents have no justification for lying except to make themselves feel better at the time by lying to avoid the truth.The reality is that children can deal with almost any disappointment if provided parental support. It works the other way as well whereby if children are repeatedly lied to by parents they begin to doubt and distrust even the simplest realities.

Five Parent Behaviors That Role-Model Effort and Luck

How parents communicate the concept of "luck" factors into whether children view their successes as attributable to luck or effort. Although luck may play some role, parents need to emphasize the relationship between a strong effort and a positive outcome and downplay the impact of luck when parenting children who naturally gravitate towards magical thinking.

Knowing a Child’s Learning Style Improves Memory Skills

When parents understand and can accommodate a child's learning style, their memory skills and abilities will improve. A child's ability to recall and feel competent at memory tasks and rote learning will boost self-esteem and enhance their self-image as a successful student and learner.

The Impact of Chronic Co-Sleeping With an Older Child

Parents and older children are co-sleeping as a way of managing older children's nighttime anxiety. Results are chronic sleep loss and disruptive sleep patterns that are difficult to change over time.

Using Celebrity Downfall as a Teachable Moment

Youth are highly suggestible to celebrity success and failure. Adults can use celebrities' dark and negative acts as teachable moments to help guide youth and teach them about the complexities of talent, stardom and human nature.
Parents Should Tell Their Children When They Lose a Job

Parents Should Tell Their Children When They Lose a Job

Parents are overwhelmed in the aftermath of a job loss. And yet how they communicate to their children about the loss and impact on the family effects how children process and react to it. Parents need to communicate in a manner that is direct, positive, and simple.

Having a Great and Imperfect Family Vacation

In our over scheduled world, families often look forward to vacation as a blissful panacea to the stresses of everyday life. With hopes high, disappointments can be higher. Here are some suggestions for parents to consider before next family vacation adventure.
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Children Change When They Feel Connected and Understood

During this season of New Years resolutions we are reminded of how difficult it is to change. Children have additional challenges in that they often do not see that change is necessary. Parents will be most effective in helping their children to change when they can take a step back and focus on connecting with their child instead of trying to control their behavior.

When Parents Say “I’m Sorry,” They Are Saying So Much More

When parents offer their children an apology they are teaching compassion, modeling corrective behavior and building their connection.

Miley Cyrus: Is She Lost in Translation from Child to Adult?

Miley Cyrus from innocent girl to sexual icon? Even though Miley may not agree or even care, over-sexualization doesn’t free girls from adult control. It only solidifies stereotypes that females then have to grapple with as they become independent women.The choices your teen makes now can make it easier or harder when entering adulthood.
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Strong Co-Parenting Can Help Build Romance

Co-parenting for intact families can be challenging. Effective co-parenting using these strategies can enhance romance.

Empathic Parenting Versus Rescue Parenting, What's Better?

Parents today are confused about the difference between empathy for children and rescuing children from disappointment. Studies have shown that children build resilience by learning to cope with disappointment. Should parents support this process by helping children avoid failure or by being there to support children when they do in fact fail?
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Parents’ Competitive Drive Is Not For Child’s Play

Some parents are sports enthusiasts and can get disappointed when their child loses a game. Parents who react this way are often unaware of the negative impact they can have on their child’s ability to succeed.Coaches are the best people to guide a child when it comes to playing team sports. Parents can provide the support without focusing on the score.

Back-to-School: Parenting Strategies to Avoid Burnout

In today’s pressured and fast-paced modern world, many parents are either on the verge of burn out or already suffering from what I describe as "parent burnout syndrome". Parents, are not routinely taking care of their needs in an effort to put their children first. How can parents, care for their children’s emotional and spiritual needs when their own aren't being met?