Trump's First 60 Days

On our democracy and our societal sanity

Focus On Trump's Acts, Not His Psychology

We must challenge Trump on his outrageous behaviors and constant lies, not on his motivations and mental status.

Trump Isn't Crazy

I wrote the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Trump doesn't meet them.

How Psychoanalysis and Behaviorism Helped Create Advertising

How America became a "shop until you drop" culture.

A Debate on the Pros and Cons of Aging and Death

Scientists claim they are close to discovering the fountain of youth and doubling human lifespan.

Trump: His Gallery of Rogues

Trump's goofy appointments to top government positions end any hope his wild impulses will be contained by cooler heads.

Science Is Not Just a Matter of Opinion

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion facts"

New Diabetes Drugs Add Nothing But Cost and Complications

Medication is a last resort for Type 2 diabetes and the older meds are better than the newer ones.

The Drug Enforcement Agency Has the Wrong Priorities

The DEA should stop over-reacting to the relatively small safety risks of Kratom and pot and stop under-reacting to the daily tragedies caused by the opioid epidemic.

DSM-5 Diagnoses in Kids Should Always Be Written in Pencil

Accurate diagnosis in kids is tough and time consuming. Misdiagnosis in kids is easy and fast- but the harms can last a lifetime.

Man's Fate

Easter Island tells us all we need to know about our greatness and our fallibility- and also about our prognosis as a species.

Connecting Dots Between The Opioid Epidemic and Philanthropy

The Sackler family earned a fortune promoting the opioid epidemic and should devote their philanthropy to helping the millions of Americans who have been harmed by it.

New Drugs Aren't Always Good For Patients

The main motivation in creating new drugs is to generate profits. New expensive drugs are often worse than old cheap ones.

Medical Errors Should Not Be Our 3rd Leading Cause of Death

These six practical suggestions to reduce medical errors would do a great deal more to save lives than any medical breakthrough we can envision in the coming decades.

The Lobby Against Medical Marijuana

Protecting profit against patient welfare

Weight Loss Pills And Products Don't Work And Aren't Safe

Diet pills and products aren't safe and don't work. Exercise, healthy diet and policy changes are the only solutions.

DSM-5 Made a Mistake Eliminating Substance Abuse

By eliminating "Substance Abuse," DSM-5 confounds the very different treatment, course, and prognosis of the typical college binge-drinker and a down-and-out end-stage addict.

Medical Mistakes Make It Dangerous to Go to a Hospital

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the US. Hospitals compete for patients by trying to be the fanciest hotel—not the safest and best place to get care.

Beating Back Trump's Threat to US Democracy

Democracy is a precious, but historically infrequent and perilously fragile method of governance. Trump Threatens it and must be stopped.

Many Commonly Used Drugs Are Useless

Drug company marketing muscle can turn useless meds into financial blockbusters.

What to Do When Treatment Doesn't Work

Giving up on curing the illness doesn't mean giving up on helping the patient.

Mental Illness, Violence, and Family Homicides

Mental illness is not responsible for most violent crimes, but is a much bigger factor in the 4000 family homicides that occur each year.

Yes, Benzos Are Bad for You

The benzos are dangerously seductive – easy and pleasant to start, but frequently addictive and almost impossible to stop. They do little good and cause much harm.

Trump Is Breaking Bad, Not Clinically Mad

Although Trump has an outsized personality, he doesn't have the distress or impairment required for Personality Disorder. Trump causes both in others.

US Mental Health Care Goes from the Worst To Even Worse

Great new report documents the terrible shortage in US funding for mental health and that we are criminalizing the severely ill.

Religious Freedom Shouldn't Trump Other Civil Rights

Religious freedom is an important right, but isn't absolute when it violates the rights and dignity of others or the legitimate interests of public policy.

ADHD Is Overdiagnosed, Here's Proof

Being the youngest kid in the class puts you at great risk for inappropriate ADHD diagnosis and treatment. We should let kids outgrow immaturity, not treat it with a pill.

Behavioral Addictions: A Dangerous and Slippery Slope

The potential list of behavioral addictions can conceivably expand to include almost every area of activity that people feel passionate about.

Antidepressants Work, But Only For Really Depressed People

People who don't really need antidepressant are taking far too many, while those who desperately do need them are not getting nearly enough.

What You Need To Know About The Genetics of Mental Disorders

The genetics revolution is one of mankind's greatest intellectual achievements- but so far has contributed nothing to patient care and the ridiculous complexity of brain function.