ADHD Is Overdiagnosed, Here's Proof

Being the youngest kid in the class puts you at great risk for inappropriate ADHD diagnosis and treatment. We should let kids outgrow immaturity, not treat it with a pill.

Behavioral Addictions: A Dangerous and Slippery Slope

The potential list of behavioral addictions can conceivably expand to include almost every area of activity that people feel passionate about.

Antidepressants Work, But Only For Really Depressed People

People who don't really need antidepressant are taking far too many, while those who desperately do need them are not getting nearly enough.

What You Need To Know About The Genetics of Mental Disorders

The genetics revolution is one of mankind's greatest intellectual achievements- but so far has contributed nothing to patient care and the ridiculous complexity of brain function.

Stopping the False Epidemic of Adult ADHD

The father of the ADHD diagnosis, Keith Conners, thinks that the adult ADHD epidemic needs to be stopped before it causes even more damage.

Keith Connors, Father of ADHD, Regrets Its Current Misuse

The father of ADHD sorrows over its current, harmful over-diagnosis and over-treatment. Let's hope his cautions mark a turning point ending this worldwide fad.

Saving Psychotherapy From The Medication Takeover

NIMH has made empty promises of future neuroscience breakthroughs, but neglects its responsibility to fund psychotherapy research to improve mental health in the present.

Can DSM-5 Correct Its Mistakes?

DSM-5 includes many mistakes that create real world harmful consequences. Having lost confidence in the DSM-5 self correction process, I suggest two ways to improve it.

Psychiatry And Antipsychiatry

The tense battle between Psychiatry and Antipsychiatry makes no sense and distracts from the joint advocacy needed to end the shameful neglect of our most vulnerable citizens.

Setting the Record Straight on Antipsychotics

Antipsychotics are neither all good or all bad—lifesaving for some, harmful for others. It is incorrect to generalize from any one person's lived experience to everyone else.

Do Antipsychotics Help or Harm Psychotic Symptoms?

To continue or discontinue antipsychotic treatment can be the most important decision in a person's life. This piece summarizes two opposing views on the risks and benefits.

We Have Too Many Specialists & Too Few General Practitioners

The doctor/patient relationship has lost its healing power because doctors spend too much time doing procedures and too little time talking to patients.

Psychiatric Medicines Are Not All Good Or All Bad

Psychiatric meds that are very helpful for clear cut psychiatric disorders usually do more harm than good when used for the everyday difficulties that life throws at us.

A Tribute to Robert Spitzer

Bob Spitzer, who recently died at age 83, was the most influential psychiatrist of his time and a pioneer in normalizing homosexuality.

World's Best and Worst Places To Be Mentally Ill

We have discharged our mentally ill from hospitals, but neglected them so badly in the community that many wind up in prison dungeons or dumped on the streets.

The Social Cure For Mental Illness

We are social animals who can be fully human only when interacting with others. In the US, we worsen the symptoms of our mentally ill by neglecting their needs and excluding them f

We Should Live: Surviving After Catastrophic Death

The moving story of how a community rebuilt itself after the deadly and devastating Japanese tsunami.

The Harmful Hypocrisy Of "The Right To Life" Movement

"Right To Lifers" fight for the premise that all life is sacred when it is in the uterus, but show callous indifference to people once they are born.

Why Are Drugs So Outrageously Expensive?

The drug industry is the most profitable on earth because it has exercised its power to price gouge. The combination of mounting public outrage, frequent media exposure, and the politics of this election season now provide the critical ingredients for possible change.

Why Are So Many American Youth Abusing Adderall?

ADHD meds are the most dangerous legal drugs among young people in college and high school.

High Tech Medicine Can Be Bad For Your Health

Too many doctors have gotten into the habit of treating lab tests, not patients. This can lead to over treatment and disastrous medical mistakes.

Does Religious Freedom Trump Gender Equality?

Is there a middle ground between demanding a universal standard of human rights versus respecting the traditions of alien cultures and religions that espouse discriminatory practices against women.

Why Are Most Cancer Drugs So Expensive And So Ineffective?

Drug prices in the US are dramatically higher than anywhere else in the world. The sky seems to be the limit as drug prices and profits grow astronomically—it's your money or your life. Most cancer drugs extend life only two months and cause painful side effects, but drug companies take advantage of monopoly pricing and trade on reasonable fears and unreasonable hopes.

What Drives Our Dumb and Disorganized Mental Health Policies

In a rational world, the real needs of the mentally ill would be identified and addressed in an efficient and cost effective way. Those who need care would receive it. Those who don't, wouldn't. Unfortunately, policy in the United States is based mostly on profit, political power, and ideology, producing terrible outcomes that are anything but rational.

Is This the Kind of Country We Want to Be?

"Fraud, Theft, Waste and Private Profits: The Fate of Money Intended to Treat People With Serious Mental Illness” is an shocking report exposing a disastrous misallocation of resources that leads to shameful neglect, avoidable imprisonment, and massive homelessness.

My Summary Of A Great Conference: “PREVENTING OVERDIAGNOSIS”

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the US- and are often occasioned by excessive testing and treatment delivered in an uncoordinated way by doctors who know lab tests, but don't know their patients. Patients have to become informed consumers, fearing illness less and the risks of treatment more.

Putting Humanity and the Humanities Back Into Medicine

The relationship between medical art and science is changing rapidly, with the science now overwhelming the art. Doctors more and more function like technicians, not healers. A knowledge of the humanities is crucial if doctors are to treat patients, not lab tests.

The Magical Healing Power of Caring & Hope in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy works at least as well as drugs for most mild to moderate problems and should be used first. A good relationship is much more important in promoting good outcome than the specific psychotherapy techniques that are used.

Privatization Has Been A Colossal Flop

Privatization is no more than a cover story for tax evasion by those who don't need public services and would greedily deny them to those who do.

The Latest Hypocrisy In SVP Expert Testimony

Rape is a always heinous, ugly, violent, and cruel. But the violence and cruelty that are part of all rapes should not be confused with the motivated violence and cruelty of Sexual Sadism that requires victim pain to generate excitement. Rape is a crime, not a mental disorder. Sexual Sadism is both.