Ricky Martin Hits His Stride

Ricky Martin unveils himself in an autobiography and turns out to be interesting

Lady Gaga's Power: An Abuse?

A sympathy revolution makes the world gay positive: Who will stop this revolution and how?

Can You Have a Marriage Without Sex?

Prince William and Kate will marry as Christians, which means that the sexual pressure is on.

Sex and the "Yuck" Factor

Why do we wince at the idea of people over the age of, say, seventy having sex? Heavy people? Unattractive people?

Biden's Plagiarism: Forgiven

Embarrassing "baggage" can indeed be tossed away

Our Swimmers, Our Sex Objects

NBC invites us on an elite voyeuristic romp.

Good News for Narcissists!

Yes, you really can turn heads in your 40s (and 50s?). Now get to work!

The Way Obama Speaks

It can't be said that Obama has a tin ear. How far can his preachy tone take him in Pennsylvania?

A Pope in a Synagogue?

The pope in an American synagogue next week? What's next -- Jews in Catholic heaven?

Hillary Schadenfreude

When bad things happen to Hillary, we smile. What does that say about us?