How many other things can you think of where only 15 or 20% of the group will benefit and FIFTY PERCENT of the group thinks it is a great idea? We should not read too much "negativity" into or think there is bigger opposition to health care reform than there really is.

A few small groups with "Histrionic Personallity Disorder" also known as "Tea-Party Groups" speak for a very small segment of the population. They are just loud. Reformers should take comfort in the fact that there is A LOT more altruism in the world than we thought.

First off, not even the entire 15% who are uninsured were in favor of reform. Did you see those 50 million people marching in the street? I didn't. That meant significant numbers of people, despite needing reform for themselves and their own families, were bought off by the nutty rhethoric that says things like, "I don't want the government messing with my medicare." (Ironically, a government run program).

So the fact that it is true that millions of people who will NOT personally gain from reform (myself included) thought it was an EXCELLENT idea speaks VERY well for the country.

Well, it speaks well for the country if you think a rich AND generous AND noble country is a good thing. If you think taking care of people who can't afford insurance and yes, maybe contributing tax dollars to do so is a BAD thing, then you will feel the opposite of me. You may see FIFTY percent of the population supporting the need to help FIFTEEN percent as weakness or just stupidity.

I know people like that. I have met them and heard them.

They are the kind of people who see mercy as weakness and generosity as stupidity.

Good news, America!  TRIPLE the number of people who need help think the HELP is a good idea!

Now THAT is a noble America of which we can be proud!

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