7 Strategies for Dealing With the Narcissist in Your Life

You may have read that narcissists are incapable of change. But growing evidence suggests otherwise. Be prepared with these research-backed methods for figuring out when there’s hope—and when there isn’t.

Can Narcissists Change?

Is there hope for those with NPD and the people who love them? Is there anything we can do if we see early warning signs or actual diagnostic criteria besides end the relationship?

5 Early Warning Signs You're With a Narcissist

The most glaring problems are easy to spot, but if you get too hung up on the obvious traits, you can easily miss the subtle (and often more common) features that allow a narcissist to sneak into your life and wreak havoc.

Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Mark Warden's recent comments about domestic violence reflect our shared confusion and impatience as a society. It doesn't matter whether we're conservatives or liberals, ignorant or well-informed, we all have an instant negative reaction when we see people return to or stay in abusive relationships. How can we understand their choice?

Can Acting In Love Help You Stay In Love?

Recent studies on long-term love reveal that partners who feel “very intensely in love” enjoy an active, exciting sex life after 10 years of marriage. Their secret? They touch. They share. They explore. Learn how you can make love last, just like they do, with the power of intention.

Can Cyborgs Fall in Love?

Suddenly, the question as to whether or not cyborgs can fall in love has become as pressing as it is real. And answering it requires that we take a hard, honest look at what we’ve become.

Is Empathy Sexy?

Are we more excited by people who seem to care about us? Can being a good, caring listener feed the flames of desire? Research offers some clues to the answer.

Five Ways to Overcome Feelings of Neediness

When we’re gripped by the terror of neediness, we feel completely out of control. We wonder if any amount of reassurance will ever be enough. How can we understand these moments? More importantly, how can the needy find relief?

How Technology Makes Us Afraid of Intimacy

Everyone’s at risk for the occasional retreat from the people in their lives—and technology offers plenty of places to hide. But what are the dangers of camping out in cyberspace?

Self-Lock: Why It’s Hard to Improve Your Self-Esteem, And What You Can Do About It

Building better self-esteem can seem like an impossible task at times. Here’s why, and what you can do about it.

Are Secure Relationships the Key to an Exciting Life?

Do you want more thrills out of life? Have you lost your spirit for adventure? New research suggests that if you want your mojo back–or just want to find it for the first time–you can start by working on the quality of your connections.

Why You Blame Yourself for Bad Relationships—and How to Stop

Do you beat yourself up whenever you’re unhappy in your relationships? Here's why—and how to break the habit.

How to Overcome Intimacy Fears: Lessons from a Vampire Slayer

The tactics we use to avoid intimacy can make our relationships more fraught and the world seem like an even more dangerous place. So how do we overcome all these fears and truly trust the people we love?

Can Passion and Security Coexist? Reflections on Cronenberg’s "A Dangerous Method"

Once you've built a home, a family, a life together, how do you make sense of the fact that the thrill is–or seems to be–gone? Can security and passion coexist? Or do we inevitably trade excitement for stability when we commit to someone? Do we have to rein in our most powerful impulses to protect the very relationship we've worked so hard to build?

Why You Should be Concerned about Kim Kardashian's Divorce

The press is crying hoax and twitter is–well all atwitter–with jokes about the Kardashian-Humphries divorce. But there's good reason to be concerned, and it has more to do with looking at ourselves in the mirror than pointing the finger at Kim Kardashian for her reckless behavior.

Are You Killing Your Hope for Lasting Love?

How our fear of love makes us destroy it.

When Your Partner's Love Isn't Enough

We’re used to thinking that a loving partner is enough to keep us happy and healthy. But is that really true?

The ABC's of Assertiveness: A Simple Guide to Speaking Your Mind

Trying to stand up for yourself but worried you'll make things worse? Learn your ABC's. A simple, foolproof guide to standing up without stepping on toes.

8 Steps You Should Take Before Living with Your Partner

Living with your partner can either bring you closer or tear you apart. Here's how to cohabit happily ever after.

Are Happy Guys A Turn-Off?

If you take the advice of some headlines, you might be tempted to break out the camera and start scowling for your new profile pics. Don’t be in such a hurry.

Five Ways to Kick the Jealousy Habit

It fuels suspense in the greatest novels. It’s a motive for murder. It even has its own color. Jealousy—the green-eyed monster. Taming it’s not easy, but you’ll find it’s a lot easier if you know what keeps it alive.

Five Proven Ways to Revive Romance on Valentine's Day

We’re not simply passive animals, waiting around for cupid’s dart to hit us between the eyes. Our great gift as humans is that we can take action, reaching out to the world, and to our partners, to stir passion inside ourselves.     

How Kids Can Save Your Marriage

The news for couples with kids is generally pretty bleak. We're inundated by messages that children can be the death of a good relationship. That's bad enough. But what's even more troubling is that the reasons cited often ring true.

Love is Blind…and Numb?: Why You Can’t Always Feel When Love Hurts

Blinded by the glow of romantic love (or the love of one's children), we tend to miss the faults, the disappointments, the slights—minor and sometimes even major—in the people we love the most. Now it appears there may be a powerful neurological component to love-blindness.