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Confessions of a Smartphone Junkie

Protecting our “humanware” by changing our smartphone behavior

Tech Obsessions Are A-Changin’

OurObsessive Relationship With Technology

The Anxiety Epidemic

Our smartphones may be a major cause.

I Am a Scientist

And science doesn't care what you "believe."

Trump: The Master Distractor

What psychology says about our presidential election and the American public

Reading Books Is on the Decline But Audiobooks Are Rising

Audiobooks allow us to be distracted

Are We All Becoming Pavlov’s Dogs?

Don't let your phone control you. A few simple tricks will help you keep technology from taking over your life.

My “Last Lecture”

Mentoring at a multicultural state university

Google Cardboard as an Educational Tool

Can Google Cardboard Save Our Schools?

Pics or It Didn't Happen? It May Be Truer Than You Realize.

Corollary: Selfies or you Don’t Exist.

Changing Our Brains in a Good Way

Nature can help calm our overactive, multitasking brains.

Here's [not] Looking at You!

When we have our face in our phone how do we listen to someone next to us?
iPhone Separation Anxiety

iPhone Separation Anxiety

Are you suffering from iPhone Separation Anxiety?

Go the F**k to Sleep [Without Your Technology]

Sleeping with your smartphone is a bad idea

Where Do You Keep Your Smartphone?

We keep our smartphone close at hand 24/7/365

Our Social Media Obsession

Why do we constantly feel the need to "check in" with social media? Our study finds that people use technology for a variety of reasons, ranging from anxiety to pleasure.
Keep Your Brain Healthy in a Tech-Rich Environment

Keep Your Brain Healthy in a Tech-Rich Environment

How to stay healthy amidst 24/7/365 technology inundation

Is It Live or Is It Memorex?

When we view the world through a lens, are we missing out on the complete sensory experience?

Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome

Have you ever felt your pocket "vibrate" and when you checked your phone there was no message? You may suffer from "phantom pocket vibration syndrome."
Always On, All the Time: Are We Suffering From FoMO?

Always On, All the Time: Are We Suffering From FoMO?

Do you suffer from FoMO, or Fear of Missing Out? Only your Facebook friends know for sure!

E-Mail Is Not the Problem: It’s Our Need to Task Switch

We must learn how to focus ... at least for short bursts of time.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

We are constantly inundated by technology mostly from our wireless mobile devices. How are we doing in our fight to overcome our new WMDs: Weapons of Mass Distraction?

The Power of "Like"

Being liked on Facebook has a bigger meaning

Words With Friends: Another Stupid Game—or an Obsession?

Words With Friends and other "stupid games" are calling to us: Play me, play me, play me!

Attention Alert! Study on Distraction Reveals Some Surprises

We may be more distracted from inside our brains than from outside our bodies.

Face the Facts: We Are All Headed for an "iDisorder"

The way we relate to technology is leading us to an iDisorder.

A Film Festival Full of Psychological Movies

Movies and Psychology: A Natural Match

Facebook: Does It Mean the Same to Everyone?

What does Facebook really mean?

How Media Distorts Scientific Results

How can psychological scientists present their research and not have it distorted by the media? And what happens when professionals misquote research from the popular press distortions? My experience with this has changed the way I will work with the press.