Our Uncomfortable Relationship With a Connected History

During a month we reflect on the history of African Americans, how do we harness the difficult truths of America's past for healing? The psychology of connection may guide us.

Men in Relationships: 3 Keys to Emotional Vulnerability

Are masculinity and emotional vulnerability compatible? Better yet, does this integration have utility for men in romantic relationships? Recent research suggests yes and yes.

Scientists, Police, and the New Civil Rights Revolution

As the US desperately searches for answers to police-community tensions, do social scientists have an obligation to dive into the national conversation? History says yes.

Manhood Through a Hostile Lens

Is our idea of manhood linked too strongly with seeing the world as hostile? Redefining masculinity may help reduce aggression among our kids and political leaders.

Which #BlackLivesMatter?

Does suicide forfeit a person’s right to be fully cherished and pain acknowledged? If a community deems suicide an act of weakness, are those beliefs the point of intervention? Let's talk suicide in the Black community.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Teachers' Mental Health

The journey leading teachers to emotional burnout is multifaceted and influenced by both how teachers deal with stress and how stress shows up in the classroom. How can we better help our teachers help our kids?

Mental Health 101

What if psychological principles guided the entire academic experience for college students? With ongoing mental health innovations, the possibilities are plentiful.

Police Versus Community: Why All the Trauma?

The power of trauma is that it compels us to protect ourselves from threats both real and imagined. How do you help police and community members filter threats that deserve our attention from those that don't?