Ibiza landscape. Pxhere. Public domain.

Did You Have a Productive Summer?

Why do we feel that we have to produce something, like an egg squeezed from a chicken, to justify three months of life?
Woman writing. Pixabay, Public Domain.

Learning by Writing Fiction

Tell co-workers that you're writing a novel, and you're likely to get nervous glances.
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Interior. MyName (Panic) 2007.

Deciding to Create

When the truck crashed into the Berlin Christmas market, I was rehearsing with the Bach Choir in the Memorial Church fifteen meters away.
See-ming Lee, Artist Studio: James Cospito, Brooklyn Art Project HQ. Image source: Flickr.com

Creativity in the Digital Age

Thinking that people stare at smartphones because they’re interested in phones is like thinking scientists study Drosophila genetics because they’re interested in fruit flies.

Creating Fictional Worlds That Feel Real

When you read a novel, do you know what color hair each characters has?
Photo courtesy of Dietrich Stout and Emory University

Tool Use and the Emergence of Language

Motor and language skills may seem distinct, but in human brains they are closely related.

A New Look at Visual Thinking

It's time to move beyond general praise of visual thinking to consider all the different forms it can take.

Try Something Hard

Common sense dictates that people choose their careers based on their strongest skills, but that is not what I found.