The Psychology of Performance

Singer and voice teach Elena Greco shares her top tips for dealing with performance anxiety.

Testing Your Child For a Mental Disorder

Given the ongoing debate about the legitimacy of the mental disorder labels found in the DSM and the ICD, how should parents think about the "tests" administered to children as part of the current "diagnostic and treatment process"?

5 Ceremonies of Healing

Simple ceremonies that you create and enact can help you heal emotionally and maintain your mental health.

Simple, Everyday Actions That Support Mental Health

Learn simple ways to support yourself and others for better mental health.

Future of Mental Health Virtual Conference Airs Feb 23 - 27

15 experts from the critical psychology, critical psychiatry and anti-psychiatry movements join in a free streaming virtual conference,

Day 30: Picking Your Starting Place

Pick your starting place as you work to improve your mental health.

Day 29: Creating Your Morning Meaning Practice

Learn how to create your morning meaning check-in practice and orient each day around meaning

Day 28: Seizing 9 Golden Meaning Opportunities

you increase your sense of wellbeing, improve your mental health, and experience life as more meaningful when you create your menu of meaning opportunities

Day 27: Releasing Grudges

How holding grudges can become a "distraction addiction" and harm our mental health

Day 26: Using Your Strengths In Addiction Recovery

Learn how to use your strengths to help deal with your addictive tendencies

Day 25: Beginning to Live an 'And" Way of Life

Do you live an "or" kind of life or an "and" kind of life? One is better than the other!

Day 24: Choosing from 6 Coping Styles

learn which coping style best suits you.

Day 23: Learning Cognitive Therapy's Key Concept

Putting into practice the key idea of cognitive therapy: deciding to only think thoughts that serve you

Day 22: Releasing Existential Sadness

Try reducing your existential sadness in the following simple way.

Day 21: Picking the Best Anxiety Management Strategy For You

Which anxiety management technique will work best for you? Pick from these dozen!

Day 20: Reducing Your Distress Without Knowing Its Cause

We may not know what is causing our distress but we can still take action to reduce it.

Day 19: Making the Life-Changing Decision to Matter

Making the conscious decision to matter is a key to better mental health.

Day 18: Not Labeling Emotional Difficulty a Mental Disorder

Why do we say "I am depressed" when we don't say "I am a rash" or "I am a broken arm"? On day 18 of 30 days to better mental health we look at how to avoid self-identifying with a mental disorder label when emotional difficulties arise.

Day 17: Dramatically Reducing Your Defensiveness

Learn why reducing your defensiveness dramatically increases your mental health.

Day 16: Reckoning With The Distress of Meaningless Work

In order to improve our mental health, we need to factor in the toll that meaningless work takes

Day 15: Learning the Skill of Quick Meaning Repair

What can you do if life suddenly feels less meaningful? Practice the skill of quick meaning repair!

Day 14: Only Thinking Thoughts That Serve You

True thoughts aren't necessarily useful thoughts. Learn how to think thoughts that serve you!

Day 13: Feeling Better Sooner Rather Than Later

What helps us make a needed change more easily? This one simple tactic!

Day 12: Reducing Meaninglessness With One Single Question

Life not feeling too meaningful? Here's one simple thing to try!

Day 11: Turning Your Meaning Needs Into Action Steps

What should you do when a meaning crisis strikes? Create a plan of action!

Day 10: Tackling the Boredom Behind Our Frantic Busyness

Effectively dealing with the boredom that masks meaning problems and causes us to keep ourselves over-busy

Day 9: Reducing Your Anxiety Using One Simple Visualization

Learn how to use a simple visualization technique to help manage your anxiety.

Day 8. Offering One Small Gift With Love

our mental health hinges on many large matters -- but also on the smallest gestures

Day 7: Having Hope When Hope Makes Little Sense

Hope is an essential ingredient to mental health. What should you do if you can't find reasons to keep hoping?

Day 6: Not Tripping Repeatedly In The Very Same Spot

Learn a simple strategy to help yourself not trip repeatedly over the same obstacles and challenges