Simple, Everyday Actions That Support Mental Health

Learn simple ways to support yourself and others for better mental health.

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Day 30: Picking Your Starting Place

Pick your starting place as you work to improve your mental health.

Day 29: Creating Your Morning Meaning Practice

Learn how to create your morning meaning check-in practice and orient each day around meaning

Day 28: Seizing 9 Golden Meaning Opportunities

you increase your sense of wellbeing, improve your mental health, and experience life as more meaningful when you create your menu of meaning opportunities

Day 27: Releasing Grudges

How holding grudges can become a "distraction addiction" and harm our mental health

Day 26: Using Your Strengths In Addiction Recovery

Learn how to use your strengths to help deal with your addictive tendencies

Day 25: Beginning to Live an 'And" Way of Life

Do you live an "or" kind of life or an "and" kind of life? One is better than the other!

Day 24: Choosing from 6 Coping Styles

learn which coping style best suits you.

Day 23: Learning Cognitive Therapy's Key Concept

Putting into practice the key idea of cognitive therapy: deciding to only think thoughts that serve you

Day 22: Releasing Existential Sadness

Try reducing your existential sadness in the following simple way.

Day 21: Picking the Best Anxiety Management Strategy For You

Which anxiety management technique will work best for you? Pick from these dozen!

Day 20: Reducing Your Distress Without Knowing Its Cause

We may not know what is causing our distress but we can still take action to reduce it.

Day 19: Making the Life-Changing Decision to Matter

Making the conscious decision to matter is a key to better mental health.

Day 18: Not Labeling Emotional Difficulty a Mental Disorder

Why do we say "I am depressed" when we don't say "I am a rash" or "I am a broken arm"? On day 18 of 30 days to better mental health we look at how to avoid self-identifying with a mental disorder label when emotional difficulties arise.

Day 17: Dramatically Reducing Your Defensiveness

Learn why reducing your defensiveness dramatically increases your mental health.

Day 16: Reckoning With The Distress of Meaningless Work

In order to improve our mental health, we need to factor in the toll that meaningless work takes

Day 15: Learning the Skill of Quick Meaning Repair

What can you do if life suddenly feels less meaningful? Practice the skill of quick meaning repair!

Day 14: Only Thinking Thoughts That Serve You

True thoughts aren't necessarily useful thoughts. Learn how to think thoughts that serve you!

Day 13: Feeling Better Sooner Rather Than Later

What helps us make a needed change more easily? This one simple tactic!

Day 12: Reducing Meaninglessness With One Single Question

Life not feeling too meaningful? Here's one simple thing to try!

Day 11: Turning Your Meaning Needs Into Action Steps

What should you do when a meaning crisis strikes? Create a plan of action!

Day 10: Tackling the Boredom Behind Our Frantic Busyness

Effectively dealing with the boredom that masks meaning problems and causes us to keep ourselves over-busy

Day 9: Reducing Your Anxiety Using One Simple Visualization

Learn how to use a simple visualization technique to help manage your anxiety.

Day 8. Offering One Small Gift With Love

our mental health hinges on many large matters -- but also on the smallest gestures

Day 7: Having Hope When Hope Makes Little Sense

Hope is an essential ingredient to mental health. What should you do if you can't find reasons to keep hoping?

Day 6: Not Tripping Repeatedly In The Very Same Spot

Learn a simple strategy to help yourself not trip repeatedly over the same obstacles and challenges

Day 5: Changing Your Mood With One Simple Sentence

Learn how to instantly change your mood using one simple sentence

Day 4: Becoming a Past Whisperer

The past lives within us right now. Become a past whisperer and learn how to settle down the past that circulates within your system.

Day 3: Tolerating a Difficult Thought for Ten Seconds

On Day 3 of 30 days to better mental health learn how to tolerate difficult thoughts