On Children...

Children today are not what they used to be, even 50 years ago – because times and societies have changed, but then it was never very clear what they were anyway...

Seriously, It Is Not Easy

Sex used to be relatively simple. How did it all change? And why?

Misandry AND Misogyny

Both misogyny and misandry are back in the news again, not that they really ever left, but now they are highlighted.

On Evil

What is evil? Is there such a thing or force as evil? Or just bad deeds? Are there evil people? Or is everything relative?

10 Models of Our Self

“Know thyself” advised the oracle at Delphi. “Show thyself” is the motto of today. Do we truly know ourselves?

Stupidity Is Back

Do we have the right to be stupid? My thoughts on stupidity...

Misandry Again, Part 2

The strange thing about misandry is its rapid rise. Until the 1950s men were generally respected, I think.

Misandry Again, Part 1

My earlier post, “Re-Thinking Misandry” generated considerable interest. Some comments were positive, some negative, some constructive, some remarkably obscene, and much of it debating male privilege vs female privilege. Clearly both misogyny and misandry are alive and, well...sick.

Re-thinking Gender, Part 2

Part two of the ups, downs, and sideways of gender politics.

Re-thinking Gender, Part 1

The Ups, Downs, and Sideways of Gender Politics

On Chivalry...

Is chivalry dead? Should it be? What do you think?

Men: Idiots? Winners? Either, Neither, or Both?

Two recent articles on men inspire reflection.

Stupidity and Homo Sapiens, Part 3

Stupidity is close friends with greed and narcissism, as discussed earlier. Indeed Stephen Hawking affirms: “We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity.” Stupidity is not simply personal, it is also political, economic and institutional.

Stupidity and Homo Sapiens, Part 2

Stupidity is easy to experience but hard to measure.

Stupidity and Homo Sapiens

Einstein said: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not too sure about the former.”

On Beliefs

Our beliefs are weird and wonderful, strange and funny. They may help us to make sense of life and of our own lives in particular, but they can also cause chaos and mayhem in the lives of others – and even our own.

Lamentations of a Postmodernist

Poems for postmodernists

Relationships are Weird

“Relationships are weird,” a friend remarked at a party recently, and we all nodded sadly in agreement. But why are they weird? Presumably because people are so different and have such conflicting points of view on the trinity of R, L and S: Relationships, Love and Sex.

The Elastic Band Theory Of Relationships

The Elastic Band Theory Of Relationships, are they really like elastic bands? Should they be? The argument here is that they may be, but they should not be.

The Suicide Sex

Tyler Clementi’s tragic suicide at Rutgers in 2010 received much publicity and opened up some discussion on the topic (New Yorker Feb 6, 2012). Subsequently, after a rash of suicides by young people, President Obama called a White House Conference on bullying and cyber-bullying in May 2011. So suicide is receiving more attention, but there is much more to be done.

Glory Masculinism 3

Let us now praise men - not just famous men but regular, run of the mill, average Joes.

Sunny, Anal, and Balanced: Puzzling Over Personalities

How do we know how to know ourselves? From our parents and friends? But they are biased. So are our enemies, though they may be less tactful and more truthful. From our therapists? By introspection? Perhaps from personality tests?

How to Cope with a Beautiful Narcissist

It's not about you, dear. Sorry.

The Meaning of Life

Meanings are not given to most of us, though we are socialized into some by our parents or significant others, but still we tend to construct our own eventually. So here are my Top 12. Pick yours, or add it to the list if it is not there, or mix and match.

Manology: The Art and Science

"Men are all the same. They only want one thing!" This was a mantra I heard in my youth. Maybe it is true, but according to Cosmo (April 1999), which I found in my files recently. Maybe it is not, which may be a relief to all of us, or not.

Glory Feminism

A recent issue of Newsweek celebrated International Women's Day with portraits of "150 Women Who Shake the World." Though "save" might be a better word than "shake," for these are inspirational women who do so much good for all of us.