How Do Your Relationships Flow?

Communication is the flow of information in relationships. Information flows between people just like water flows in nature's streams. Smooth laminar flow is good. Bumpy turbulence causes problems.

Why Affairs Tempt Us, And How to Prevent Them

The two most likely candidates for affairs are old flames and work associates. Most affairs occur because naïve partners slide into sexual situations they can't handle. Given the potency of sexual feelings with a new partner, policies for protection from their pull are key to prevention of inadvertent infidelities. Learn about gerbils to understand why.

Panic Attacks Are Puzzles

No need to panic about panic attacks. Anxiety surges happen to many folks. The good news though is that butterflies explain how panic attacks can prove helpful for you.

Happy Marriage, Happy Life

What level of achievement do you aim for in your marriage? Are you satisfied with a good enough relationship or do you aim to become a dream-team?

Apologies: How To Do Them Skillfully in 5 Steps

How can you repay emotional debts incurred by hurtful mistakes? Effective apologies can wipe the debt clean, and even turn your mistake into a nourishing relationship moment.

How Do Sex and Power Abuses Lead to Terrorism and War?

What are the deeper motives underlying some jihadists' attraction to terrorism? It turns out that sex and power, used abusively, lie at the heart of Islamic terrorism.

What Domestic Batterers Can Teach Us About Terrorism

Home is where we learn the fundamentals for becoming citizens of a democracy. Cultures that tolerate chiild and spousal abuse are at risk for breeding bullies, tyrants and and terrorism. By contrast families with skills for cooperative parenting and partnering train young people to value and succeed in a democracy.

From Thin-Skin to Win-Win: How Couples Counseling Helps

Are you and your loved one living the opposite of happily ever after? If your partnership is yielding fear, resentment or anger, maybe it's time to reverse the trend. Couples counseling can help. How do therapists convert a relationship that generates fear and frustration to one that feels safe, supportive and enriching?