Got an Anger Disorder? Not According to the DSM

There's diagnostic categories in the DSM for anxiety disorders, and also for depression. Why not for anger? What a peculiar blind spot!
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Are You Falling Out of Love? A Quiz on 10 Warning Signs

Falling out of love has become the number one cause listed for divorce, trumping even affairs and abuse in terms of frequency. The good news is that it's something you can prevent.

Counseling: Who Gets It? For What? Who Doesn't? Why Not?

Why, even more than physical health care, does mental health care go to so few of the folks who need it? Of those who do get help, what do they want the help for?

Marriage: 6 Guidelines from Ancient Wisdom Texts

Texts from 1500 years ago abound with teachings about how to create healthy marriage partnerships. Here's a sampling of six.

Mad Enough to Tell Someone to 'Take a Hike!' ?

Lo and behold, the old expression of anger ‘Go take a hike!’ turns out to be good advice.

Energy Therapy: An Exciting New Frontier

Can energy therapy treatment help a young boy with reading disabilities? Seems to be a resounding yes in this case. And help with his too-quiet voice as well. Here's how.

Is Natural Better?

A new book sheds light on the question of whether natural approaches to diet, childbirth, healing and the environment really keep us healthier and happier.
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Marriage Problems? Here's an 8-Step Rescue Plan

Is your marriage hitting bumps? Feeling hopeless? This self-help version of couples counseling can put you on smoother and more solid ground.

Should Kids Have a Voice in Post-Divorce Planning?

Do father and mother know best? Will kids feel caught in the middle? Or are kids the experts in what will be best for them?
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How To Prevent Your Marriage From Making You Depressed

Can marriage cause depression? See these 9 research findings for both the good and the bad news.
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How Contempt Destroys Relationships

What is it about snide remarks and dismissive listening that make them so potently destructive? What causes their impact to be so relationship-shattering?
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How a Simple Children's Game Explains Relationships

What can a children's game teach us about sustaining positive relationships and being a winner in life?

5 Realities About Depression That Make It Highly Contagious

Depression has five main attributes. Each of these five factors adds to making depression a particularly communicable condition.
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How will Marriage fare in this year's Oscars?

Did you notice how strong a role marriage played in so many of the Oscar winners?

Relationship Feng Shui: 3 Ways to Remove Negative Energy

Ever wonder why you turn people off? Or why someone you know is so hard to be around?

Scientific American Misses on the Cause of Depression

A depressive collapse can leave you feeling powerless, self-critical and discouraged. What popped your inner self-confidence balloon however can feel like a mystery.
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Sexual Intercourse and Talking Together: What's the Same?

What could sex and talking together possibly have in common? Lots....
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Job Loss: 4 Steps to Speeding Up Your Recovery

Job loss can empty your pockets and your self-confidence as well. Here's strategies to help you recover from this and other emotional wounds.
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Does the threat of an infidelity sound scarey to you? It should. Affairs are among the most greedy and selfish things a spouse can do. They can wreak havoc with personal happiness and with marital bonds. At the same time, the best antidote to anxiety is information. Here's a batch.

Does Media Violence Beget Real-LIfe Killings?

While guns and insufficient mental health services have been receiving significant attention, research suggests that we need to reconsider the many hours that kids, and grownups as well, spend watching violence in movies, tv shows, on the internet and in video games. And while we're at it, what about the role of domestic violence-- violence against kids, wives and elders?
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2 Upgrades For Making Gift-Giving Decisions

While some folks find gift-giving choices easy to make, many people find it stressful to find just the right gift for each person on their lists.

Could Your Son, or a Boy Next Door, Become a Mass Murderer?

6 Signs that indicate that a young person could be heading down a dangerous pathway. Helping that child, teen or young man to find a therapist to talk with could make all the difference between tragedy and a kid who turns out fine.
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Anxious? 4 Examples of Anxiety Treatments that Calm Nerves

What therapy options are out there if you are struggling with anxiety? Is the goal to get rid of the anxious feelings, or to address the problems triggering your worries?

Doubles Tennis Champions

Doubles tennis requires perfect partnership and mental skills as well as highest level athletic training. How did two strong individual players become world champions?

Deck the Halls for Chanukah

Sustaining traditions is key to what the Maccabees, the Jewish freedom fighters of 2000 years ago, fought to preserve.
Marriage: the Ultimate Collaborative Venture

Marriage: the Ultimate Collaborative Venture

Love may find its ultimate expression in the decision of two people to live their lives in permanent collaborative partnership. Why does this decision sometimes lead to misery instead of joyful collaboration?

10 Ways to Feel Closer to Those Closest to You

Want to feel more connected with your friends, kids and partner? First, cut out any negatives you do like criticizing or getting irritable. Then ...
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What Makes Conflict? How Are Conflicts Resolved?

Conflicts can create irritation, anger, anxiety and depression. Learn the 3-step pathway from conflict to resolution and your life will feel far easier, happier and more peaceful.
More Info for Adult Children of Borderline Mothers

More Info for Adult Children of Borderline Mothers

These comments from readers of my earlier postings on borderline personality disorder have useful suggestions for understanding and coping with family members who rage.

When Your Mother Has a Borderline Personality

A parent's borderline personality disorder can have lifelong devastating impacts on his or her sons and daughters. What can help children who have a parent who rages at them?