The Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria, Modern Slavery, and You

Was Sochhi built with forced labor? Is sex trafficking real? Are you a slave?

Are BPD "Drama Queens" Manipulative, Sadistic, and Worse?

High intensity emotions are costly. They make interactions stressful, upsetting, emotionally draining, and demoralizing.

Sexless Marriage Causes and Cures

A sexless marriage is a vulnerable marriage. Here's some ideas to think about if yours looks in jeopardy.

Borderline Personality Disorder: The Sufferer's Experience

When a man or woman with borderline personality patterns erupts in strong emotions, loved ones can feel under fire. At the same time, the person with bpd also suffers.

Verbal Abuse of Children: What Can You Do About It?

What can be done when parents, who are supposed to be nurturing their children, instead treat them destructively?

Acetaminophin in Pregnancy: A Cause of Kids' and Adult ADHD?

Do these signs and symptoms describe you? Or someone you love? And if so, were Mom's meds the culprit?

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Makes Sleep Debt Feel Chronic

When does feeling tired during the day become a sign of a significant underlying problem? And what are the treatment options?

The Joy of Blogging: Applause without the Burdens of Fame

On the relationship between bloggers and readers that makes readership better than fame.

Thrill-Seeking: What Parts of Your Brain Are Involved?

Why do smart people sometimes feel attracted to absurdly dangerous activities? Why do winter Olympic athletes for instance devote their lives to putting their lives in danger?

Gender Bias in Diagnosing Anger: Batterer or Borderline?

How much of a role does gender play in diagnostic labeling of people who rage?

12 Relationship Questions College Kids Want Answered

How would you answer this student journalist's relationship questions?

Caveman Responses: Are You Too Quick to Get Mad?

Did anyone ever tell you to think before you act? If your amygdala is hyperactive, you're at risk for "going back brain" and acting out anger before you think.

Want to Lose Weight? Exercise More?

Now is the best time to get effective at building new routines of exercise, healthier eating, and more.

Evil Genes? An Unconventional Perspective On BPD

Why do folks with borderline personality disorder sometimes act in such astoundingly selfish and hurtful ways?

Why Am I Still Single? A Quiz

What can you do to increase the odds that you will succeed in selecting a mate and sealing the deal?

How Happy Is Your Marriage? Or Is That a Wrong Question?

Have you ever wondered how your relationship or intimate partnership would score on a quiz rating marriage happiness? Beware. Some quizzes can hurt you instead of helping.

Relationship Problems: What Resources Can Help?

When all looks lost in a relationship, what resources can you turn to that are likely to make a difference? And which kinds of help are most useful when?

Can All Conflicts About Sex Be Resolved? If So, How?

This is the 7th post in a series addressing the question of whether and how all conflicts can be resolved. Sexual differences can be particularly sensitive to discuss. Still, here's examples of how many have been resolved with win-win outcomes.

7 Strong Steps to Stop a Divorce

Many folks who launch a divorce would really prefer to repair their marriage. What they could do differently that might make a significant difference?

Becoming a Grandparent

First, folks who love children aim to be great parents. As seniors, they get the chance to aim also for being great grandparents. What's often their biggest challenge?

What Can a Newborn Infant Teach Us About Joy?

A one-day-old newborn can teach a major lesson about happiness.

When Is the Best Time to Have Children?

When is an ideal time to have children? And what are the consequences for your future life of that decision?

Grandparents and Grandkids: The Perils of Long Distance Love

Grandchildren are the privilege and delight of increasingly fewer seniors. Those who do have grandkids too often live at too far a distance to reach out and hug them.

Are You Building Up Sleep Debt?

Any chance that you need more sleep?

Bullying Is MoreThan Just a Kids' Problem

Bullying happens to adults as well as to kids. And whether it happens when you are young or old, bullying can trigger long-term physical health consequences.

Between Parent and Child: An All-Time Parenting Best-Seller

Haim Ginott's parenting book revolutionized our ideas of how to talk with children.

Individual Therapy for Married People: A Huge Mistake

If not criminal, is it at least a very mistaken, albeit common, practice to treat individuals without assessing the family context of the therapy client's life?

Mending a Broken Family; Strengthening a Healthy Family

Families can be fountains of strength. At the same time, all families are fragile. Internal factors like a parent with mental health issues, and also outside factors like job loss or economic stresses, can overwhelm a couple's abilities to cope in good humor. One temporarily fractured couple has written profound advice relevant to all parents.

Want to Be More Persuasive? Use The Right Body Part First!

All people from time to time find themselves in a situation in which they want someone to see it their way. To be maximally persuasive, skip the sweet-talking, forget being insistent, and avoid all debating. Instead...

Loneliness: a Temporary State or a Vulnerable Way of Life?

Guy Winch's new book Emotional First Aid offers the best understandings I've seen of the pernicious impacts of loneliness. He also suggests how to break free of social isolation to begin forming gratifying connections.