If You Tend to Get Scattered, Check for Adult ADD/ADHD

Children with attention deficits tend to be recognized by parents, pediatricians and teachers. Adult ADD sufferers by contrast often go undiagnosed. Yet adult ADD can destroy relationships at home and at work.

Hire an Au Pair? Help Yourself; Help Her; and Help the World

So many moms, and dads as well now, have too much to do with juggling work and home life. Ever thought your family could use a nanny? A nanny may also need you!

Should You Use This Word? It Decreases Your Effectiveness

There is a common yet all-too-potent word that can profoundly undermine you. It also can antagonize others. Fortunately, there's tricks for eliminating it from your vocabulary.

How to Feel Better When You’re Feeling Bad

When you feel down, discouraged or frustrated, Buddhist concepts and techniques that focus you in the immediate present can offer surprising relief. Here's an accessible guide.

Your Inner Monkey: Learning From Your Way-Way-Back Past

How far back do you look when you want to learn from the past? Your monkey ancestors actually can teach you much about why you do what you do now.

Great Leaders: The Secret That Freud Understood

Want to know the secret to what makes a group tick or tumble? Look to Freud.

How to Heal After Upsets: A Safe 4-Step Route to Recovery

Mad at someone? Healing dialogues that lead to learning from a past upset can turn what felt like a curse into a blessing.

Marijuana Use By Kids and Teens: Parents, Pay Attention!

I live in Colorado, one of the first states to legalize marijuana possession and use. Beware....Whether you call it pot, weed or marijuana, the long-term impacts of this mind-altering drug, especially for kids and teenagers, spells danger.

And the Opposite of Impatience Is....

Impatience and irritability can increase with the stresses brought on by the Chanukah-Christmas season--or you can wash away your negative emotional reactions by dissolving them in this powerful antidote......

Discipline Versus Abuse: Three Cheers for the NFL

Adrian Peterson's suspension from the NFL is offering an opportunity for learning for all football fans. Is discipline of children the same as punishment? What can this situation teach other parents?

Are You a Workaholic? If So, This May Be Why

Whether you love or feel bad about what you do too much of, you may be great at ...

Prescriptions Without Meds for Anger, Depression and Anxiety

Much has been written of late of the downsides of taking medications for emotional difficulties. Try these alternative options.

Need a GPS for Navigating Life's Challenges?

Aiming for personal happiness and positive relationships, yet having trouble finding your way? What are your options when the pathways that you thought would lead to well-being feel instead like they are leading to disappointment, frustration, work difficulties or family, relationship or marital problems?

10 Keys to Becoming Psychologically Savvy

Are these 10 psychological understandings enhancing your well-being?

Love: 13 Reasons Why It May Not Lead to Marriage

Statistics and speculations on the causes of the epidemic of singleness spreading over our country, and how to combat it.

Healing from a Toxic Relationship

Poetry can prove surprisingly beneficial for healing from a toxic relationship. The images in these poems can help guide the way through the five challenging steps of recovery.

Bad Mood Be Gone with 30 Seconds of Temporal Tapping

Wouldn't it be amazing if a quick 30 seconds of tapping in a circle around your right ear could instantly alleviate bad moods? Try this experiment.

Dying to Help: What Caregivers' Dilemmas Can Teach Us

How can healthcare professionals' dilemmas when they cope with medical epidemics offer a vital lesson to all of us about sustaining well-being?

Good Resources for Dealing With Narcissism

If you or someone you know has narcissistic habits like dismissive listening, believing "it's all about me," or quickness to anger in response to criticism, check out these resources.

Does Media Violence Breed Real Life Killing?

Terrorism from abroad scares us, and yet the larger danger may be the terrorists we inadvertently are breeding within our own families and communities. Over 1000 research studies have clarified a frightening reality. Fortunately, there's lots you can do about it.

Can Marriage Affect Your Heart Attack Risk?

Recent European studies have been clarifying the impacts, good and bad, of marriage on heart health.

Heartbroken: What Does Neuroimaging Show About Your Pain?

If someone you love leaves you, you are likely to suffer potent urges to bring them back. If a loved one dies, the pain is similar. Neuro-imaging studies are beginning to clarify why you feel what you do when you lose someone you love.

Are You Good Enough?

How comfortable do you feel with yourself? The time-tested ideas of Donald Winnicott suggest that feeling good enough fosters acceptance from others.

What's Up With Online Therapy and Marriage Counseling?

Is web-based therapy the way of the future? And is the future already here now?

Why Doesn't She/He Listen To Me? 10 Possibilities

Not being heard erodes a sense of personal empowerment and invites depression. What may be going on when the perspectives you offer get ignored or negated?

Will These Surprising Depression Treatments Really Work?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could left depression with a simple five or ten minute treatment? The new techniques in the videos in this article may come close!

Do You Think of Narcissism as an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

“Of course not!” you might say dismissively. Not so quick. Better think again. And check the similarities that others are noticing.

Borderline Personality: Does a BPD Diagnosis Imply Raging?

One aspect of the cluster of traits that lead to a borderline personality diagnosis lies at the core of this disorder. Hint: it's NOT anger.

Wedding Vows: Reminders to Us All of What Love's About

Weddings may appear to be for the folks who are marrying. Yet they also offer potent messages to those who share the moment.

Excessive Anger Is An Emotional Disorder..Shh! Don't Tell!

What pervasive cognitive/emotional/behavioral disorder was left out of the new diagnostic manual for emotional disorders? Here's some hints: What emotion most frequently gets you in trouble? What behavior of others most quickly leads to your wanting to avoid them?