This post is in response to What Do We Lose From Life When Depression Strikes? by Susan Noonan
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Feeling like there is a dark cloud over you?  Like you don't have your usual enthusiasm, and are having trouble motivating yourself to do things?  Maybe more self-critical than usual? Isolating at home instead of wanting to go out or do things with others? These signs of depression are important to notice. 

At the same time, why you are feeling down may remain a mystery.  How to feel better may feel equally challenging. 

In the TEDx talk below, I offer a surprisingly easy three-step route to identifying the cause of your low feelings and then lifting away the dark cloud. [Note that these understandings apply to the depressed feelings of non-physical origin, which are the vast majority depressive episodes that most people deal with.  Physical factors such as insufficient sleep, post-operative depression etc. may need additional treatments.]

The beginning of the TEDx talk explains that in the face of depressed feelings many, and maybe even most, people either assume there's nothing they can do that will help them to feel better, or go to a physician to get antidepressant pills.  Both of these routes can have significant downsides.  Here's an alternative.

At about four minutes into the talk I explain what triggers depression. If you are already aware of the risks of medications, you might want to begin there.

I then focus on the three steps that can lead you up and out, back to the realm of well-being.

(c) Susan Heitler, PhD
Source: (c) Susan Heitler, PhD

For more information on the causes of depression and how to release yourself from it, see my new book Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief From Depression, Anger, Anxiety and More

Also, do check out the free videos and downloadable worksheets at

Help yourself to feel better, soon. Or ask a therapist to guide your use of these techniques.

Life is not meant to be an endurance contest.  If you or someone you know has been feeling depressed, take action, now. Say good bye to those depressed feelings, asap.

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