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Why Do Anxiety and High Blood Pressure Go Hand-In-Hand?

Feeling anxious? Concerned about high blood pressure? Maybe one treatment can ease both, and without medications. Here's over a dozen options.

The Very Best Valentine Gift You Can Give to Anyone

Want to enjoy sustained loving relationships? To give a Valentine's Day —or Post-Valentine's Day—gift with impacts that will last year-round?

Parental Alienation Syndrome: What Is It, and Who Does It?

What is parent alienation syndrome? Are you doing it? Are you being victimized by it?

And Now Matt Lauer...Why Celebrities Get Sexually Aggressive

TV's Matt Lauer today joined the club of men in high positions who are being accused of sexual improprieties with women at work. What could he have been thinking? Here's what.

Can a 4-Step Self-Help Therapy Technique End Upset Feelings?

Therapists use this technique to help their clients gain insight and feel better. Can it also relieve upset feelings if you use it as a self-help technique?

Can People With Borderline Personalities Succeed In Life?

What happens in the lives of women and men who have a borderline personality disorder?

Home Is Where You Feel Safe. How Emotionally Safe Is Yours?

How aware are you of potential emotional hazards in your household?

Want to Feel More Upbeat? Here Are 8 Natural Antidepressants

Try this formula to ease mild to moderate depressed moods.
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What Is Mental Illness? Does Trump Have One?

When the term "mentally ill" is used to describe President Trump, is the term being used appropriately?

The Teenage Years: 4 Questions That May Predict Thriving

One factor may matter more than you might expect for kids in their teenage years. A recent study from Brazil and Romania has important implications for American teenagers.

Chores: Secrets To Winning the Parent-Kids Chore-Wars

Fights about chores demoralize everyone in a family. At the same time, children's participation in the tasks that keep life going is vital to their become self-sustaining adults.

What Dogs Can Teach Us about the Main Cause of Depression

Psychologists have long pondered what is the cause, and the evolutionary purpose, of depressed feelings. Dogs have the answer.

The Single Best Strategy for Reducing Stress

Many say that modern life stimulates inordinate amounts of stress. How can you best combat the undue tensions and pressures in your life?

Couples Therapy: 15 Essentials That the Best Therapists Do

If you are a therapist, to what extent do you follow these guidelines? If you are choosing a therapist, or evaluating whether to stay with one you've been with, here's help.
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Need Help Coping With a Tough Marriage? A Painful Divorce?

Are coping with a tough marriage, or getting through a divorce, inevitably painful? Here's two factors that can alleviate much of the sting.

Anxiety Treatment: Should You Be Wary of Anxiety Medication?

Feeling anxious? There's lots of ways to ease the jitters, but be wary of some of them!

Is There Too Much Anger in Your Family? How Can You Respond?

Abuse of family members can be emotional (too much anger), verbal (telling others what to do, criticizing, blame, name-calling, swearing) or physical. How can you stop it?

Is an Elder You Care About at Risk for Depression? Do This!

Research has confirmed the potency of this remarkable antidepressant.

Got the Post-Election Blues? Sad, Mad, or Scared?

The election of Donald Trump has precipitated Post-election depression—plus anger and anxiety—for many voters. Here's a strategy for returning to a state of well-being, asap.

Depressed and Don't Know Why? Or What You Can Do About It?

If you or someone you know has been feeling uncharacteristically irritable, discouraged, self-critical, or down, help is available, now.

Are Political Differences Straining Your Relationships?

Do's and don'ts for dialogue lest political differences wreck your relationships.

What Are Your Options if Your Parent Has BPD Rages?

Parents' harsh anger can emotionally disable a son or daughter—child or adult.

Are Antidepressant Medications the Next Drug Abuse Epidemic?

Congress has passed legislation to slow the epidemic of pain-killer addiction. What about the epidemic of drug use for treating the emotional pain of depression?

Want to Be Liked? Check Two Things Before Clicking SEND

Want people to like you when you correspond with them via email? Pay attention to these two factors. One or two moments of checking can have huge impact.

How the Brits and the EU Could Botch Their Divorce

With emotions running high, will anger, anxiety and depression cause all sides of this divorce to be losers?

6 Ways to Take the Sting Away When You Receive Criticism

Do you squirm when you've made mistakes and now see criticism coming your way? Tighten up with anxiety? Feel tempted to counterpunch? Here's five better post-mistake strategies.
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Clearing the Fog: Craniosacral Therapy Aims to Ease Dementia

Applications of a surprising technique may offer relief from the memory and thinking losses that we call dementia.

Am I Heading for a Bad Marriage? My Spouse Is So Annoying

If only my spouse would change...Or is that a mistaken path to follow?

If Your Mother Was Grieving, Could You Become Her Caretaker?

What would you do if you suddenly found that you had to care for a depressed and grieving parent?

Dial Down the Drama with Your Teenager

What you do and don't do determines whether you will enjoy or battle your teen.