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Need Help Coping With a Tough Marriage? A Painful Divorce?

Are coping with a tough marriage, or getting through a divorce, inevitably painful? Here's two factors that can alleviate much of the sting.

Anxiety Treatment: Should You Be Wary of Anxiety Medication?

Feeling anxious? There's lots of ways to ease the jitters, but be wary of some of them!

Is There Too Much Anger in Your Family? How Can You Respond?

Abuse of family members can be emotional (too much anger), verbal (telling others what to do, criticizing, blame, name-calling, swearing) or physical. How can you stop it?

Is an Elder You Care About at Risk for Depression? Do This!

Research has confirmed the potency of this remarkable antidepressant.

Got the Post-Election Blues? Sad, Mad, or Scared?

The election of Donald Trump has precipitated Post-election depression—plus anger and anxiety—for many voters. Here's a strategy for returning to a state of well-being, asap.

Depressed and Don't Know Why? Or What You Can Do About It?

If you or someone you know has been feeling uncharacteristically irritable, discouraged, self-critical, or down, help is available, now.

Are Political Differences Straining Your Relationships?

Do's and don'ts for dialogue lest political differences wreck your relationships.

What Are Your Options if Your Parent Has BPD Rages?

Parents' harsh anger can emotionally disable a son or daughter—child or adult.

Are Antidepressant Medications the Next Drug Abuse Epidemic?

Congress has passed legislation to slow the epidemic of pain-killer addiction. What about the epidemic of drug use for treating the emotional pain of depression?

Want to Be Liked? Check Two Things Before Clicking SEND

Want people to like you when you correspond with them via email? Pay attention to these two factors. One or two moments of checking can have huge impact.

How the Brits and the EU Could Botch Their Divorce

With emotions running high, will anger, anxiety and depression cause all sides of this divorce to be losers?

6 Ways to Take the Sting Away from Criticism After Mistakes

Do you squirm when you've made mistakes and now see criticism coming your way? Tighten up with anxiety? Feel tempted to counterpunch? Here's five better post-mistake strategies.
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Clearing the Fog: Craniosacral Therapy Aims to Ease Dementia

Applications of a surprising technique may offer relief from the memory and thinking losses that we call dementia.

Am I Heading for a Bad Marriage? My Spouse Is So Annoying

If only my spouse would change...Or is that a mistaken path to follow?

If Your Mother Was Grieving, Could You Become Her Caretaker?

What would you do if you suddenly found that you had to care for a depressed and grieving parent?

Dial Down the Drama with Your Teenager

What you do and don't do determines whether you will enjoy or battle your teen.

8 Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Good friendships, bad friendships--there's problems ahead if you can't recognize early on which is which.

Discouraged About Finding Anxiety Help? Try Genomics

Help for perpetual anxiety can be difficult to find. Maybe exploring your genomic blueprint will enable you to discover the treatments you need.

The Disturbing Truth About Anxiety and Depression in College

Why do college students experience so much anxiety and depression? One young man discovered the causes for his distress plus an inspiring cure.

Back Hurting? Five Ways to Use Your Brain to Heal Back Pain

Try these strategies to relieve your chronic pain. They are safe so at the least they will give you no negative side effects. And at best, you could become pain free.
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Can You Spot 10 Signs of a Childish Adult?

Do you have the emotional maturity of a young child? Or spend time with that kind of adult?

Love After 50: 5 Tips for Finding Love Later in Life—or Now

Looking for someone to hug? To hold? To cherish and to cherish you?

What Can Help College Students Who Flood Counseling Centers?

Why are anxiety, anger, depression and addictive habits plaguing so many college students? It may have to do in part with the prescriptions for pills that they bring with them.

Narcissism or Aspergers: How Would You Diagnose These Cases?

These two cases were written as Comments by readers of an earlier article that I have posted on this blog. What do you think: narcissism, Aspergers, both or neither?

Can You Say No To Requests?

People-pleasing has its up-sides. Generosity tends to uplift the giver as well as the receiver. Yet for the times when you really do not want to do something that someone has requested of you, here's a gracious way to say a clear no.

What Is the Most Overlooked Symptom of Narcissism?

Are you aware of the one habit that can prove most vexing if there's a narcissist whom you often deal with in your life?

Feeling Good? What Makes Good Feelings Flow?

How much good feeling have you been experiencing? Would you like more? Check out these 5 factors.

Mom Loved You Best! The Rise and Fall of Sibling Rivalry

When and why did you experience sibling rivalry? With hindsight, what do you know now that you didn't understand then that makes the rivalry vanish?

How Good Are You at the Art of Conversation? A Quiz

What makes a good conversationalist? These 10 key factors may surprise you.

How Does Your Child Sleep?

Having difficulty getting your child to bed down in the evenings? Check out this new book for frazzled families.