Keeping Up Your Chops

Leadership is a journey and also a performance. Preparing for those performance moments is real, doable, and produces brain growth.

Stop Trying to Break Bad Habits

If it is hard to break a habit, yet just as hard to create a new one, why not spend time creating new ones?

Three Steps to Elevate Your Perspective

Finding new perspectives is hard to do even in slow times. Today, it takes conscious effort. Here are the steps to take to see new things and gain new insights.

Gedankenexperimente—the Sacred Gift We Ignore

Everybody is talking about the value of mindfulness today. I’d like to talk about the value of mindlessness, otherwise known as daydreaming.

Cracked Eggs Create a Crack Team

Stories shape us. Exploring the stories from your life offers undreamed insights, because when stories lie together, they grow a tangle of roots.

Is Putting Things in Their Place Pleasure or Practice?

Do you have a safe place to put disturbances so they no longer bother you, yet are honored for the lessons they contain?

How Silence Improves Sight

A true leader sometimes must close her eyes in order to see more.
Ray Hennessy, unsplash

Fake News Is Built on Assumptions

Critical thinking requires us to question assumptions—especially our own.

This Simple Leadership Behavior Also Increases Resilience

Are you doing this simple behavior that grows your leadership and your resilience? Learn more in this final next-level leadership article.

Leaders Don't Manage Time, They Manage Choices

While some people struggle to fit everything into the day, others have an abundance of time while still accomplishing a lot. Learn the behavior that separates these two experiences

Why Every Leader Should Understand Narrative Psychology

What does narrative psychology have to do with being an impactful leader? The answer might surprise you.

The Four Behaviors of Next-Level Leadership

What pushes people beyond functional mastery toward true leadership? These four behaviors explain what separates managers from leaders.
Joao Silas/Unsplash

Forget About Single-Minded Goals, Focus on This Instead

Is the pressure to eat, sleep, and breathe one goal conducive to achieving more? Read on to learn why this common goal-setting strategy may not be best for most people.

Why "Bad News" Can Be Better Than You Think

How we respond to bad news (as opposed to the news itself) can tell us a lot about our resilience as both people an leaders.

Are You a Curious Person? Why You May Also Be More Resilient

Curiosity is a powerful mental skill that indicates and impacts resilience. Learn why the most resilient leaders cultivate curiosity.
Dengzeyu Li/Unsplash

How to Manage Competition in a Chaotic World

What do resilient leaders and Olympic athletes have in common? They both leverage the same key strategy to manage competition in ambiguous times.
Jeff Sheldon

Why Resilient Leaders Leverage Their Strengths

Why resilient leaders focus on leveraging what they are good at instead of fixing their faults.
Madelyn Blair

Who's On Your Crew?

How do resilient leaders cultivate a go-to team that can advance and challenge their thinking?

How Resilient Leaders Manage the End of the Year

Don't let commitments overwhelm you at the end of this year. Overcome the "commitment concussion" with these strategies from resilient leaders.
James Pritchett

Why Resilient Leaders Need To Embrace Gratitude

Does gratitude play a role in resilient leadership? A growing body of research offers surprising insights.

How the Words Around Us Impact Our Perspective

Change your perspective and expand your knowledge by taking advantage of new words.

The True Value of Ignorance

Venturing out of your comfort zone is dangerous. Discover why Twyla Tharp loves this uncomfortable space.

What I Learned After an Hour In a Real-life Bookstore

Purchasing a book can be such an intensely personal process, one that has been somewhat diminished by the ability to order a title at any given time online.

Why Your Organization's Problems Need a Story

The solution of a problem is not always the resolution. Using the structure of story highlights when the resolution has been missed even after the planned actions. Resolve to solve your problems to the real 'happy ending.'

Do You Enjoy Paradox?

Leaders today describe the world as volatile, ambiguous, changing, and complex—a world full of disruption that demands resilience.