My Advice to President Obama for Achieving World Peace

President Obama, your deal with Iran is a blunder that rival's Bush's invasion of Iraq. If you want to earn the legacy of The President Who Brought Peace to the World, you need to forget about placing sanctions on nations that seek nuclear weapon capability and instead put sanctions on those nations that promote the "infidel meme."

Is the Taboo Against “Blaming Victims” Over?

The politically correct anti-bullying academic anti-bullying field has been shunning approaches to bullying that focus on teaching victims how to solve their problems because they don't want to be accused of "blaming victims." Researchers, discovering that the bully-focused approach doesn't work, may finally be ignoring the taboo against blaming victims.

A Better Way to Combat Anti-Semitic Bullying

A recent settlement of $4.5 million in the anti-Semitic anti-bullying lawsuit against the Pine Bush School District in Upstate New York is a questionable cause for rejoicing. The taxpayers will pay, the lawyers are the biggest beneficiaries, and it will probably do little to reduce bullying and anti-Semitism. My free manual can do a much better job with less effort.

Will Kennedy LeRoy’s Suicide Have Been in Vain?

I recently suggested that our anti-bullying efforts are failing LGBTQ kids. The truth is that they are failing all bullied kids. Sixteen-year-old Kennedy LeRoy committed suicide in the hope of preventing other bullied kids from doing the same. But the suicides won't cease until we stop trying to protect kids from bullying and start teaching them to handle it on their own.

Are We Shortchanging LGBTQ Youth?

The news continues to bring us tragic stories of LGBTQ kids–even ones who attend LGBTQ support centers–committing suicide because they can no longer tolerate being bullied. Perhaps its because these kids are not being taught resilience. If we truly want to be helping LGBTQ kids, here are some messages we need to be giving them.

ISIS and the Victim Mentality

The mass murders committed by ISIS are widely called incomprehensible. But mass murder has been around since the beginning of mankind. Shouldn't psychology be able to comprehend such a common phenomenon? It can, indeed, make sense of it. However, it requires abandoning the popular anti-bully model of social life and recognize the role of the victim mentality.

A Palestinian Gandhi

Where are the "Palestinian Gandhis"? Ali Abu Awwad is a one of them, and there are more. However, we don't hear about them, and their effectiveness is limited, because the media are more attracted to violence than nonviolence. Thus, rather than helping promote peace, reporters unwittingly encourage violent activism.

A Better Way to Prevent Rampage Killings

To protect their children from a bullied student who wrote a violent novel describing how he kills them, parents at Tidwell Middle School are demonstrating to have him expelled from school. If anything, their demonstrations may be helping to create a monster and putting their children in greater danger. There is a better way to for these parents to demonstrate.

Obama’s Almost Perfect Speech on Religion

Barack Obama's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 5 was excellent. It was attacked by many Christians and political pundits who cannot handle criticism of their own beliefs. But even Obama's speech was misleading about the full meaning of freedom of speech.

Sadly, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo

The massacre of the Charlie Hebdo staff by Islamic fanatics has forced the modern world to rally in support of freedom of speech. However, this is merely lip service. We have eagerly fought for laws forbidding people to say anything we find offensive. We don't want these laws repealed, and no government is going to do so in response to the massacre.

Goldie Hawn and Izzy Baird Promote Resilience

After 15 years of trying to protect kids from bullying, bullying continues to plague kids in school. Finally other people are waking up to the possibility that there is a better way to reduce bullying: teaching kids to become resilient so they can handle it on their own. And Goldie Hawn is at the forefront of such efforts.

How Israel Can Bring Peace to the World

The eyes of the world are intensively focused on Israel. Jews are supposed to be a "light unto the nations." Thus far we are failing in our mission. The only way to fulfill that mission is to become a nation that lives by the Golden Rule. If the Jews in the Middle can learn to create peace with their Arab neighbors, they can be a model for the rest of the world.

Principle #10: Education Is the Highest Form of Charity

When we try to protect kids from bullying, we are helping them for the moment, but hurting them in the long run. When we teach them how to handle it by themselves, we have helped them for a lifetime.

Why Therapy Failed Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger, who committed the horrific killing spree in Santa Barbara on May 23, like many of these rampage killers, had been seen by therapists. Why aren't therapists preventing their clients from committing massacres and suicides? It because therapists aren't routinely trained to teach them how to stop being bullied and rejected by their peers.

Why Telling on Bullies Backfires

Why is research finding that bullying is going up in school and the home instead of going down? It may have something to do with the instruction that kids must tell adult authorities when they are bullied. It leads to traingulation, which intensifies hostilies while preventing the kids from figuring out how to solve their problem on their own.

The Lincoln Nebraska Flier Fiasco

An elementary school in Lincoln, Nebraska has ignited a media firestorm of hatred and ridicule against it by disseminating a version of my rules for dealing with bullying. The school is not at fault. All blame should be directed towards me. I stand behind these rules and actively encourage their use.

New Edition of Unlearning Liberty

Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate, by Greg Lukianoff, is possibly the most important book you can read. It is essential for recognizing and reversing the insidious process that has infected our country. It is now available in a more affordable, soft cover edition.

Why Schools Deny that Bullying Causes Suicide

Articles about bullied kids committing suicide routinely report that the school administration insists the suicide was not the result of bullying. Why do they deny the obvious? Perhaps it is a byproduct of our anti-bullying laws that hold schools legally responsible for the bullying among students.

Principal Number Nine: Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the solution to most bullying. Unfortunately, we have so greatly lost appreciation of its value that we are eagerly getting rid of it, especially in our schools. At popular urging, every state in our Union has passed anti-bullying laws forbidding anyone from saying anything that might offend someone.

Fear of "Blaming Victims" Perpetuates Bullying Epidemic

It has become taboo in psychology to "blame victims." As a result of the fear of being accused of blaming victims, social scientists are preventing themselves from developing the most effective solution to bullying, which is to teach people how to handle it on their own.

Principle Number Eight: An Eye for an Eye

The mandated punishments for bullying in most schools are suspension and expulsion. They have nothing to do with the "crimes," and cause more harm than good. For punishments to be moral and effective, they must fit the crime. But most bullying "crimes" don't cause objective harm. They hurt people's feelings. What is the appropriate punishment?

Sticks and Stones: A Failure of Investigative Journalism

Emily Bazelon, an investigative journalist, wrote the best-selling book on school bullying of recent years. However, instead of focusing her inquisitive mind on the workings of the anti-bullying industry that has been failing to solve the bullying problem despite a decade-and-a-half of effort, she has made herself an unabashed publicist for it.

Researchers Continue to Intensify Bullying Problem

A recent study has shown that students are in greater danger of being bullied in schools that have anti-bullying programs than in ones that don't. Yet the researchers continue recommending strategies that intensify the bullying problem by turning schools into totalitarian police systems.

Our Misguided Obsession with Bullies

Society is desperate to prevent horrific acts like the rampage shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. However, our obsession with bullies is unwittingly encouraging people to think like victims, and to feel legitimized in their anger, hatred and desire for revenge against their perceived bullies. We need to focus instead on eradicating the victim mentality from society.

Can Teenagers Be Smarter than Bullying Researchers?

Kids the world over are producing anti-bully movies. Analyzing the Bully is a unique and refreshing play by teenagers who respond to the anti-bully propaganda with which they have been inundated since pre-school and show us the hypocrisy of the scientific anti-bullying field.

The Unfair Bullying Lawsuit Against NYC

My previous employer, the New York City Department of Education, is now being sued by the family of Joel Morales, a twelve year old boy who tragically took his own life because he was bullied. The Dept. of Ed. deserves to be defended not because it is an exemplary organization but because it followed anti-bullying policies. But the policies don't work.

The Myth of the “Normal” Sibling Rivalry

Perhaps the most common and disturbing problem parents face is sibling rivalry. How can people, including social scientists, claim that sibling rivarly is normal and even healthy for kids while school bullying is pathological and horribly destructive? It's because our need to avoid cognitive dissonance is facilitated by the double meaning of the word, "normal."

Sibling Bullying Research Can Destroy Anti-Bullying Movement

Researchers have discovered that sibling rivalry is even more destructive than school bullying, and are advocating that parents treat it the same way as schools treat bullying.This is the greatest danger to the anti-bully movement, as it will reveal its hypocrisy and speed up its inevitable relegation to the dustbin of history, along with the failed self-esteem movement.

Our Simple Bullying Solution by the Author of Bitopia

The leading bullying experts have convinced us that the solution to bullying is a long, complex process that requires the entire community and broader society to be involved protecting victims from from bullies and not letting anyone get away with bullying behavior. But the truly effective solution is so simple even a three year old can learn it.

Two Great Interviews on Bullying with Sue Eve Porter

Susan Eva Porter, author of Bully Nation: Why America's Approach to Childhood Aggression is Bad for Everyone, is an important spokesman for what's wrong with the crusade against bullies. You can watch/listen to two excellent interviews she has recently done.