The Promotion of Resilience and the Demise of Anti-Bullyism

Let Grow is a new organization comprised of leading intellectuals that will promote resilience and self-reliance while turning the tide against antibullyism.

I Killed My Classmate, So I’m Suing My School

The field of bullying psychology has destroyed personal responsibility and made it legitimate to sue the government when we commit murder.

Why Keaton's Viral Video Will Intensify the Bullying Problem

The intention of Keaton Jones' bullying video was to reduce bullying, but it will likely have the opposite effect: The bullying epidemic will intensify.
Orlando Sentinel/Fair Use

Is Private School the Solution to Bullying?

Floridians are heatedly debating a bill that will allow parents to send their bullied children to private school. But do private schools have the solution to bullying?

Burger King Video Proves Folly of Relying on Bystanders

Burger King's viral video for Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month promotes the most highly touted solution to bullying but unwittingly proves why it has been failing.

The Oreos Bullying Lawsuit

Rather than eliminating bullying, laws often foment hostilities. The current race-based lawsuit against Hand Middle School in South Carolina is a prime example.

If suicides are going up, can bullying be going down?

A highly publicized study finds that bullying is going down, while other research shows that youth suicide is dramatically escalating - how are the contradictory findings possible?

Monumental Los Angeles Bullying Verdict Rewards Homophobia

No one seems to realize that an unprecedented award of $17.4 to a homophobe in a Los Angeles workplace bullying lawsuit represents the ultimate insult to the gay population.

A Possible Sign from God That He (It) Exists

Could it be that a familiar cosmic illusion considered by scientists to be a pure coincidence is actually a clever sign from God to mankind that He exists?

Don Rickles, the Master Roaster, Dies at 90

Don Rickles, one of the greatest roasters of all time, died last week. In today's culture, he could easily be considered a bully, but in reality he promotes the antidote.

From School Bullying to Feuding Parents

There is a growing phenomenon of adults who used to be friends becoming enemies because of beliefs spread by the anti-bully movement.

The "School Did Nothing to Stop the Bullying" Lie

When children like Daniel Fitzpatrick commit suicide because of bullying, parents accuse the schools of having done nothing. They're usually wrong.

Resilience Coach Bullied by Media for Promoting Resilience

An Australian resilience coach was massively bullied by the media, who accused her of "blaming victims" for daring to teach resilience to victims of bullying.

Calling the Holocaust "Bullying" Is Offensive

Experts who call the Holocaust "bullying" are wrong. They are trivializing genocide and catastrophizing bullying. Genocide is actually victim behavior.

The Mystery Culprit in the Murfreesboro Arrest Outrage

The bullying psychology is to blame for the outrageous arrest of ten young children for "doing nothing to stop a fight" in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Seventeenth Anniversary of the Columbine Shooting

The 17th anniversary of the Columbine massacre, an event that led to a worldwide anti-bully movement, went by practically unnoticed. And that movement is making bullying worse.

"All Muslims Are Terrorists!"

News about terrorism has fostered Islamophobic bullying. Here is simple advice, consistent with Islamic teachings, on how Muslims can cope with Islamophobic bullying.

What We’re Not Being Told About Anti-Bullying Laws

The NJ Board of Education is playing with statistics to make negative results of its anti-bullying law look positive.

Why New Jersey Can’t Fix Its Anti-Bullying Law

New Jersey is repeatedly bemoaning the problems with its anti-bullying law and wondering how to fix it. It can't because the problem is the psychology, not the law.

They Ridiculed My Big Ears, So I Killed Them

One of Canada's worst shootings occurred last week in La Loche, Saskatchewan. A teenager killed 4 people and injured 7, apparently because his ears were ridiculed. How can we help?

Advice to Isis (Brown)

Isis Brown's viral video pleads for help for kids who get made fun of because they share a name with the world's most despised terror group. Here is the timeless solution.

Is Islam Jewish?

The realization that Islam and Judaism are versions of the same religion has tremendous potential in promoting world peace.

Albert Ellis Was the Real Expert on Bullying

Albert Ellis is one of the most influential psychologists of all time, and was an expert at teaching people how to stop being bullied, though no one recognized him as such.

My Advice to President Obama for Achieving World Peace

President Obama, to bring about world peace, you should worry less about nuclear weapons and more about the infidel meme.

Is the Taboo Against “Blaming Victims” Over?

The politically correct anti-bullying academic anti-bullying field has been shunning approaches to bullying that focus on teaching victims how to solve their problems because they don't want to be accused of "blaming victims." Researchers, discovering that the bully-focused approach doesn't work, may finally be ignoring the taboo against blaming victims.

A Better Way to Combat Anti-Semitic Bullying

A recent settlement of $4.5 million in the anti-Semitic anti-bullying lawsuit against the Pine Bush School District in Upstate New York is a questionable cause for rejoicing. The taxpayers will pay, the lawyers are the biggest beneficiaries, and it will probably do little to reduce bullying and anti-Semitism. My free manual can do a much better job with less effort.

Will Kennedy LeRoy’s Suicide Have Been in Vain?

I recently suggested that our anti-bullying efforts are failing LGBTQ kids. The truth is that they are failing all bullied kids. Sixteen-year-old Kennedy LeRoy committed suicide in the hope of preventing other bullied kids from doing the same. But the suicides won't cease until we stop trying to protect kids from bullying and start teaching them to handle it on their own.

Are We Shortchanging LGBTQ Youth?

LGBTQ kids–even ones who attend LGBTQ support centers–commit suicide with tragic frequency because they cannot tolerate being bullied. Here are the messages they need to receive.

ISIS and the Victim Mentality

The mass murders committed by ISIS are widely called incomprehensible. But mass murder has been around since the beginning of mankind. Shouldn't psychology be able to comprehend such a common phenomenon? It can, indeed, make sense of it. However, it requires abandoning the popular anti-bully model of social life and recognize the role of the victim mentality.

A Palestinian Gandhi

Where are the "Palestinian Gandhis"? Ali Abu Awwad is a one of them, and they need to be listened to if we are to have a chance of bringing peace to the Holy Land.