Are You “Relevant” at Job Search?

The long term unemployed need to start thinking like a teenager if they’re going to stay relevant in today’s job market. By now, most job seekers know about the importance of personal branding and managing their online presence. In addition to being good platforms to showcase your expertise, social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter are excellent resources for information

Welcome to the World of Job Insecurity

Chances are, if you didn’t lose your job during the Great Recession or its aftermath, you know someone who did. There has been much written about the damaging psychological affects the recession has caused job seekers as they try to keep it together and get back into the workforce.

Mr. Job Seeker, Show Me Your Résumé… and SAT Scores

As if looking for a job weren’t harrowing enough in this anemic job market, some U.S. companies are now asking 40 and 50 year old job seekers to see their SAT scores along with their résumés—tests they took in high school.