The Non-Hollywood Perspective of Prison

If you can live through prison, you can truly live through anything.

Why Sports TV Is the Premier Learning Channel

If you really listen, sports broadcasting provides significantly more substance than just the play-by-play of the game. These lessons are right there in front of us.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy Loss Etiquette

If approximately one million expectant parents per year experience a pregnancy loss, why do people struggle on how to act towards them? Most people are well intended and want to be supportive, but have no idea how to approach it.
Joanne Broder Sumerson

The Art of Journaling

It's a new year with new habits. Getting a peaceful and thorough night's sleep should be one of them.

The #1 Most Important Secret to Working From Home

After the novelty wears off that working in pajamas replaces the stressful commute to the oppressive cubicle or windowless office, at the end of the day, high quality work still has to get done. What is the essential skill we need to develop to stay focused on work?
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Real World 101 for Teens

On one hand, teens are kids have fun, make mistakes, and learn. On the other hand, actions could have positive and negative consequences in their immediate and long-term future.
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The Curse of Career Happiness

Loving your professional life makes it easy to get sucked in by taking on more projects, joining more committees, and becoming involved with more, more, and more. Look at the towering sandwich, can you see past it? Even though you love the taste of every bite, you will eventually have to finish it. Once you finish the sandwich, can you eat anything else?

Three Observations from Early Black Friday Morning

Observations from a fly on the wall.
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Blowing It Off or Just Not Into It?

Do you still have that lingering New Year’s intention or goal that has become a permanent item on your to-do list? If so, you are not alone. Here are five questions you can ask yourself to confirm that goal is right for you!

The Top 10 Interchangeable Golden Rules of Yoga and Research

Yes, they are more similar than you might think.

Academics and Practitioners as a Superhero Team

Here is why academic and practical experts need to work together.

The Role of Facebook in Research Sample Recruitment

Here's to staying out of the lab and using your social network for research participant recruitment.

The High PRICE of Solid Research

Anything of decent quality is expensive in terms of money, time, and talent. Research studies are no exception.