New York Times Best Seller Hoping to Bring More Awareness

NY Times Best Seller Hoping to Bring More Awareness to Replacement Children

When a Child Dies and Another Is Born: A Response

The term 'replacement child' causes a stir.

Reaction: 3-Year-Old Girl Asked to Leave Because of Scars

Three-year-old asked to leave restaurant because of scars is a teachable moment.

Dad Re-Visited on Father's Day

I came to understand just how brave a man my dad really was.

Getting to Know My Mother

Writing a memoir can bring you closer to understanding your mother.

Remembering Who You Are Through Illness

It's never easy to hold on to your identity through illness.

An Old Friend Brings a New Perspective

Surprising healing words from a stranger

A Writer Writes, Thanks David Rakoff

Writers grab and clutch their writing like it's a life raft. Maybe it is.

When a Friend Is Sick

Sometimes the answer is just to be there.

San Francisco Crash

This day it came out in verse.

Replacement Child for a Challenged Sibling

There are many different kinds of replacement children.

My Sister's Lessons

My sister's inspiration is there when I need it most.

When the Unthinkable Happens

How do we go on in the face of realizing that anything can happen?

On the Loss of a Child

A new definition of 'normal' after the loss of a child.

Why Am I Here When You Are Not?

Survivor's guilt is a common trait of the replacement child.

The Reality of the Replacement Child

What does it mean to be a replacement child?