There is a new book making the media rounds called "How To Train Your Man". Publications like this continue to reinforce the Tiger Wood Syndrome in America.  They simply don't understand that today's men are already "trained" to give women control of the relationship in return for love, acceptance and sexual relations. Men have been  trained by the media of television, movies and music  to bury their needs, feelings and goals to accommodate their mate's. American men surrender unconditionally to their female "trainers" for sex and their acute fear of being alone. They would rather be in a poor relationship than no relationship. But there is a terrible cost for this obedience.  A deep-seated resentment smolders within the man's heart at this sacrifce of self for companionship. As a result, a steady corrosion of the couple's romance occurs over time. After the honeymoon stage of the relationship fades  the woman will often discover she has bonded with a man of clashing temperaments, little shared interests and little interest in her besides physical relations. This century-long process of submersion of the male in marriage is the cause of the unprecedented failure of heterosexual relations in 2010's America.

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