Having to Hit Bottom Before You Change Is Often a Fallacy

Most struggle with behaviors which are self sabotage

Do You Contribute to Your Own Depression?

How many of these seven depression-generating factors apply to you?

Was That Text You Sent Really Heart-felt or a Manipulation?

Are you as genuine and honest communicating as you think?

Does Disappointing Others make You Want to Give Up?

Dating does increase the chances you may feel things you don't like to experience.Often, people either feel disappointed or don't relish hurting another.

Can You Overcome a Broken Heart?

After a breakup, do wait or start over? Often you must see your former partner realistically and not through rose colored glasses. It's a time to learn how to be alone without being lonely.

Dealing with Affairs Part Two

What can you expect to do with an unfaithful partner? If you believe they have asexual addiction, suggestions are made. A case scenario further explains what being unfaithful can create.

Sorry eHarmony, Compatibility Is Overrated

Many prefer people who compliment their preferences and interests. Sometimes, we marry the person we want to become. The stoic accountant marries the vivacious, extroverted party girl who in turn likes the stability and calm he provides. If two become one, who or what is the one they become?

Testing Others Can Sabotage Your Relationships

When you test your partner he/she may be failing an examination and not know that a quiz has been given. It's better to be able to be explicit and direct about your wants and desires, no matter how unromantic this may seem.

You Can Be Too Controlling For Your Own Good and Drive Lovers Away

Can you only love someone who cares less about you than you do about them? Your control manevuers may be causing you problems.

Are You Erecting Love Barriers Part Two: Coming On Too Strong

Sometime you can misread what's going on and come on too strong when your maneuvers just aren't appreciated and causes a premature break-up.

Are You Erecting Love-Barriers?

Are you too picky with others? You can be creating self-defeating intimacy blockers.

Are you really open to the love you seek

Can you let people only get so close? At the same time, do you find you also can't let them get that far way?

Tiger Woods , Sex Addiction, and the Fall From Grace

Is Tiger Woods an American tragedy or just an elite athlete with bad luck?

How to Get Through a Break-up

The time after a break-up provides an opportunity to process valuable information that can lead to intimate, loving relationships in the future.

Can You Friend Your Way to a Serious Love Relationship?

It's miraculous to find someone you want to date who is available to date you. Can you build a friendship and realize you might be in queue?

What's your top secret

Most are haunted by their top secret and have never disclosed it. Can you do this anonymously?

Are Your Friends Trying To Ruin Your Love Life?

After you establish a new love relationship, your friends can become just as jealous as a scorned lover. S/he might be completely unsupportive, fault finding, create chaos and soap opera drama by saying things that will lead you to fight with your partner. Do you know what to do?

Can you understand, tolerate, and overcome your social anxiety

It's little wonder so many more people are becoming socially anxious. There has been a proliferation of cell phone, computer based chat rooms, texting, twitter, internet dating services and facebook. Isn't it common for many to start relationships today that aren't even face-to-face?

What to do when you're dumped

When you are dumped, do you mourn, wait or go on? Do you think it's a nightmare and you can't believe this is happening? Should you call? What are they doing? How can they live without me? Who are they with? It can be horrible. It's a time you need to stop trying to figure out where "their head is at."

Why You Can Hate the One You Love

Do you seem to always hurt the ones you love? Do you ever fear that you feel that sometimes you act as if you hate them? Four reasons are addressed here that may help answer this dilemma.

A Relationship Myth to Avoid: Having To Be " In Love" Forever

Being in love is an emotional high for most normal people. It's a time when reality can be better than your dreams. I've heard some describe it as a time when the world changes from bleak black and white to vibrant color. Who wants this feeling to be extinguished? No one!