Culture Is Not a Luxury

The history of humanity is known and understood through the arts and artifacts left behind.

Reinvent You: The Third Manifesto.

Just about everyone is trying to change their life. Reinventing yourself is becoming essential. The world wants minds and lives to be changed. Reinvention is as necessary as breathing, clean water, and staying healthy.

Exploring the Psychology of Fine Artists in the Digital Age

We are saturated by the media, in the form of advertisements and the Internet selling us unlimited number of programs, supplements, systems, and medications to address this triad. But, what about exposure to the fine arts? Can art influence our psychological and physiological wellness?

Taming the Negative Voices in our Heads

When we get stuck in patterns that hold us back, the root cause is often the absurd negative voices nattering in the background of our minds. The ones that seems to be stuck in a loop of repeating negative ideas that we’ve long outgrown. We know better, but time and distance hasn’t taken us far away enough to outrun habits learned long ago.

What makes Seattle so sexy?

The city of Seattle is surrounded by water on all sides, and the topography forms a natural hourglass figure that in the autumn, winter, and spring months is perpetually moist from rain. The lush green landscape creates a feeling of love for and enjoyment of the natural world.

A Free Speech Fairy Tale

Humor and satire were viewed as the rightful modes of expression they always had been, and always would be. The sharing of humor is one of the main ways people rise above adversity, and bond, and become better people.
What It Takes to Let Go and Start Over

What It Takes to Let Go and Start Over

Whether or not we are granted a fresh start every year, the world is set up so that we believe it’s possible. But a fresh start doesn’t just involve starting something new, it means letting go of the past.

We Make Our Own Luck

Making your own luck is connected to looking at yourself from a different perspective, stepping outside your comfort zone to try new things, reinventing how you do certain things, and finding the mentors you need to get a more focused look at what your strengths are.

Communication Avoidance in the Age of Mobile Devices

In the digital age we seem to be always connected – in any given day we could be overly connected, randomly connected, intensely connected – and over time, some people go down the digital rabbit hole as far as being addicted to communication devices, and must physically and psychologically detox in a non-wired environment.

Retraining Our Brain’s Software in the Digital Age

From the beginning of a career spanning more than 40 years, Dave Sabey has sought out people with a fresh perspective, an inspired vision and a relentless sense of purpose. We spoke with Dave about technology, training your subconscious and snapping yourself out of bad moods when they strike.

How Do You Reinvent Yourself to Be Who You Want to Be?

In our overly self aware post-modern world, we are sometimes forced to think like a 3-D chess master, always seeing our potential careers, relationships, and social situations several steps ahead. We live in a society that celebrates big, splashy victories, while always reminding us of the perils of too much success.

Why We’ve Got to Have Instant Gratification

Life may currently be stuck on fast forward, but there’s a resistance growing to the idea of always having and getting more right away. In the past few years’ mindfulness, slow food, and long novels have infiltrated popular culture.

How to Know if You’ve Joined the Reinvention Revolution

If you have gone deeper into personal, career, mind-body, creative life alterations over the past several years, and you’ve made these alterations and renewals a fundamental part of your being, and know you’ll go even deeper and become more committed to creating powerful positive change in every area of your life, you’ve become a revolutionary on the side of reinvention.

Every Future Accomplishment Begins in the Present

People want to be more mindful, focused, and have a sense of clarity again. Meditation is being rediscovered, since being able to live in a less distracted way is becoming critical to social interactions, both in the workplace and in one’s social life.
Is It Time to Start Something New Now?

Is It Time to Start Something New Now?

Situations change when you write thoughts down, ask questions aloud, and get a dialogue going. Asking questions matters. A deeper level of questioning helps to transform the world. If we don’t ask ourselves questions, we become stuck in the same habits and loops.

Lies, Truth, and Compromises: Are We Hardwired to Lie?

The truth is, we lie far more often than we really need to. Our lizard brain in charge of the flight or fight response still has a difficult time believing we're not in more trouble than we actually are. Instead of running away, we make up lies: small lies to escape minor consequences, and bigger lies to bend the reality of situations.

How Do You Turn On the Motivation Switch?

Motivation has to be there in the background, to help us accomplish daily tasks and big picture goals. Most of us do want to create a better life for ourselves, our friends, family, community, and even the world. Without personal motivation as part of our operating system, even the simplest takes seem daunting and undoable.

Reinvent Your Digital Presence, Plan Your Digital Future

The technology allowing us to constantly update our daily behavior is so new, the long-term effects of having a continuous morphing online presence won't be known for years to come.

Resistance to Reinvention

Even though everyone knows change is inevitable, they resist it. When a career or a personal reinvention is exactly what’s needed to move ahead, people wait for life events to overwhelm them before taking the first steps toward changing their attitudes, habits, and direction.