Are You Controlled by Love?

Too often new lovers hide any parts of their personalities that may turn their partners away. As their relationship matures, they find an increasing need to be real and to be loved for themselves. At that point, it may be too late to turn the relationship around, and they are locked in to being controlled by love.

Reflecting Before you Fight - Five Crucial Questions

Even well-meaning intimate partners can end up enemies when their arguments get out of control. If they learn successful options at the beginning of a disagreement, they have a better chance of successful resolution and less damage control. Recognizing that a bad fight is about to begin, there are five crucial questions that can change the outcome.

Communicating Emotions Online

The communication of emotions requires not only words, but four non-verbal modes. When intimate partners connect with words-only phrases online, they cannot experience body language, facial expressions, voice intonations, or touch. When they reconnect in real time, they often feel a gap between what they've texted or emailed and what they feel when they're together.

Seven Ways to Evaluate your Intimate Relationship

Committed couples need to reevaluate their relationship on a regular basis to make sure their love and devotion are intact. Seven dimensions of interaction are the most effective targets to explore.

How you say "Hello" and "Goodbye" - Evaluating Intimacy

Greeting and separation rituals are passionate and intense when love is new. How they are sustained in long-term relationships can be an accurate way to evaluate whether an intimate relationship is still treasured.

The Most Important Quality of an Intimate Partner

The most important qualities of people who consistently create meaningful relationships are not as obvious as they may seem. This is one of the most significant and core ways of being that partners must acquire to stay open to investing openly in love's possibilities.

How Can Romantic Love Transform Into Long-Term Intimacy?

Most new lovers believe that their relationship will last forever. Sadly, that is rarely true. Unless they learn how to turn that magical lust/fusion relationship into intimacy from the beginning. It is possible if they learn what to do early on.

Intimate-Conflict Debriefing - Disabling Your Disagreements

Intimate-conflict debriefing is the most successful way to analyze a conflict towards improving its potential resolution the next time it happens. Most couples rehash, instead, and only deepen their frustration and their battle scars. This article describes a simple set of skills that will change the relationship game

How Intimate Relationships Fail

Relationships have three prominent warning signs that alert a couple that they are in trouble. If they recognize them early on and change their patterns, they can not only get their relationship back on track, but regenerate the love they once knew.

Ten Conversation Stoppers that Sabotage Intimacy

Intimate partners come to each other when they are distressed looking for comfort and support. When their partners respond with critical or invalidating statements, they become defensive or disconnect. Both reactions lead to the downward spiral of lessened intimacy.

The Second Wound - Blaming the Victims of Sexual Abuse

Young people often feel more sophisticated than they are about the dangers of sexual abuse. They can be lured into situations in which they have no control. The trauma of their abuse is the first wound but often the way that abuse is responded to leaves a more treacherous and permanent scar.

When Your Partner Gives More Than You Can Return

New lovers give abundantly affection and commitment to each other. It is hard to recognize when one partner is giving more than the other. Over time, that imbalance can create martyrdom on one end and obligation on the other.

Do You Want to Stay in Love? Then Examine Your Default Position When You Fight

Many areas of conflict can determine the fate of a relationship, but the most crucial one is each partner’s underlying attitude is towards the other.

A Hundred Shades of Grey: Are Sexual Submission and Gender Equality Mutually Exclusive?

E.L. James’ new bestseller, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, speaks about women’s secret longing to be sexually dominated by a powerful and controlling man.

Nagging or Avoiding Won't Help You Find Love Again

There are few repetitive and discouraging relationship interactions that are as damaging as those between a partner who keeps pushing for unmet needs and the other who feels inadequate to fulfill them.