The 12 Most Common Ways Partners Manipulate Each Other

Using manipulative behaviors to get what you need from your partner is bound to fail. Here's what to do instead.

A Deeply Meaningful Way to Communicate With Your Partner

Do you feel the communication with your intimate partner fails when conflicts become heated and emotional?

Text Alert – Is Your Intimate Communication Inadequate?

It only takes a few minutes to make your text messages more representative of who you really are and what you truly feel towards your partner.

How to End a Relationship When Your Partner Still Loves You

So, if you have found yourself in a relationship that has lost its meaning for you, what can you do to minimize the stress on your partner and on yourself?

No-Win Conflicts in Intimate Relationships

How you fight and resolve your conflicts can speak to the overall health of your relationship.

How Can I Be More Popular?

Do you wonder why it so easy for some people to be well-liked? Learn if your characteristics and behaviors push people away or draw them closer. Quiz included!

When Trauma Disrupts Love

When intimate partners understand the difference between normal reactions to crises and exaggerated, anguishing and lingering responses, they can help each other heal.

The Myth of Romantic Expectations

When love is new, we reassure partners with romantic phrases, but do new lovers promise too much?

10 Questions to Help You Tell If You're Ready to Commit

Men and women have new ways of looking at what commitment means for them. Here are some “readiness” guidelines to help decide whether a long-term relationship is for you.

Are You Withholding Love?

Are you a love with-holder? After failing in love, many people turn into cynics. Here are 2 common ways people keep love at bay after being emotionally wounded, and how to change.

Is This True Love?

How do you know you’ve found your true love? Here are 9 experiences from long-lasting couples who say they know they’ve found their soul mates.

Is Lying Part of Loving?

The idea that lying occurs in all intimate relationships may be hard to accept. Maybe harder to acknowledge, some of those lies may actually be necessary for love to thrive.

Contrasting Expressions of Love

Do you and your partner express love differently? Understanding and welcoming your unique expressions of love can create a magical, long-term relationship.

14 Secrets to a Great Relationship

Beyond mastering the skills of quality interactions, learn how to practice a way of being with your significant other that is both emotional and reverent.

Can Texting Sabotage Emotional Intimacy?

Texting keep lovers in constant contact, but can it really communicate what true intimacy?

Rigid Gender Roles: Enemies of the New Intimacy

Whether in straight or gay relationships, what was once the established status quo of the male role as dominant and protective, and the female role as supportive and adaptive, is rapidly transitioning.

Touch and Go Relationships – Do they have to be Superficial?

How can we rise above when new intimate relationships don’t pan out, and multiple failures take their toll on optimistic expectations.

7 Things You Must Do to Keep Believing in Love

If you are like most people, you were much more vulnerable and open when you started experiencing intimate relationships than you are now. Before the disappointments and heartbreaks that you’ve most likely faced, you were more willing to enter your partner’s internal world with reverence and unbounded curiosity, and opened your heart and soul to that lover.

Too Many Choices

We are literally turning ourselves into obsessive-compulsive comparison shoppers as we try to wade through the astronomical array of possible choices of experiences, relationships, material goods, and advice that is literally at our fingertips. We can even rate the raters and compare the comparisons. And yet, we still have trouble trusting the final outcome because there j

Haven’t We Met Before?

They are sane and rational beings, who reveal their stories with understandable discomfort. But, once they know that I am open and receptive, they share them with evident relief and passionate explanations. They are so glad to find someone who does not think they are crazy.

Coming Home – When Old Loves Rekindle

Old loves can come together again and be happier than ever.

Couple’s Alert - Is Your Love Dying?

By the time I see couples in therapy, they are often at a breaking point. Frustration tolerance is at an all-time low, and a love that once had such hope is floundering badly. We have to get through layers of disillusionment, anger, and hurt to see if there is anything worth saving at all and if both partners want their relationship to heal.

Are You Falling Out of Love?

Evaluate your feelings and decide whether you should end your relationship now or take steps toward turning it around.

Displaced, Replaced, Erased

Of all of the possible experiences people endure when they are abandoned in love, rejection is probably the most painful.

Tired of Being Tired? – Stop Your Energy Drains

Many of my therapy patients are telling me these days that they are overwhelmed and exhausted in ways they have never felt before. They can’t seem to find the time or space to regenerate, and they are overwhelmed with what they feel obligated to accomplish.

Sexy, Sensual, or Intimate—What is Your Sexual Style?

We each have our own personal and unique sexual signature that may help or hinder sexual connections with the one we love. Examine your own sexual history to benefit the relationship you are in or to attract a relationship partner best suited for your style.

“I Didn’t Mean to Hurt You”

All intimate couples fight. The way they resolve those battles will determine the outcome of their relationship. The greatest enemy to resolution is blaming the other partner for the problem. When the people in a committed relationship learn to take responsibility for their own behavior, they are much more likely to succeed.

Ten Important Questions You Should Ask a Potential Partner

Many relationships fall apart because the partners don't really know what to expect from each other once they become involved. Knowing what questions to ask early on can quickly pave the way to authentic and heroic mutual understanding.

The 6 Most Common Enemies of Intimacy

There are six common behaviors that can damage any loving relationship if they are allowed to continue. The struggling partners I work with have often slipped into these destructive patterns without even realizing it. Had these couples been able to see these patterns earlier, they could have stopped the damage wreaked.