What is the next change in psychology

The change in psychology is in the air and many clu8es as to what it will be. I am asking what it will be?

Sex and ADD or ADHD

Sex and the brain dynamics of ADHD provide an interesting chemistry. Blamed for many divorces the sexual behavior is different from other groups, but this is not to say it is not adventurous and creative.

ADD and Sex

Sex for the person with ADD can be the greatest opportunity of life to experience creativity and energy relief. But it can be hell for their partners.

Caution to ADD/ADHD: Flying can be dangerous

Learning to fly your own plane can be fun, but the individual with ADD/ ADHD may have a few more challenges than others.

The Traps Are Getting Serious for ADD/ADHD

I am getting a little paranoid with latest study showing relationship of unexplained deaths and ADD medication.

Part I - Avoiding the Traps for ADD

What the dangers zones to avoid when you have an ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

Taking the relationships of ADD seriously

All life conflicts have a funny side to them, but do relationships with individuals with ADD suffer more? Probably.

ADD and ADHD: the Same?

The issues of mixing behavior and concentration in a diagnosis is a messy kind of label. The whole issue of how to assess this issue is huge and confusing.

Retraining the ADHD Brain

Teaching your distracted brain to perform

It Is Out—Finding Natural Paths Through the Stress Storms

On September 22, a major breakthrough into mental health was published under the name of The Stress Answer. I think it is great, but I am biased—I wrote it.

A New / Old Mental Health Tool: Flowers

Flower aromas can change brain chemistry

Redefining Bipolar and New Hope

Every student learns the definition of what is termed, “Bipolar Disorder,” as the next disorder after depression and manic moods in a typical curriculum course. It seems logical that one mood disorder would simply relate to another mutant disorder with similar behaviors, similar to the way we classify animals. If you go through a traditional clinical psychology program, it is usually conventional wisdom that there has been no consistent research showing that psychotherapy is particularly beneficial for bipolar due to the extreme irrational emotions and there is a significant risk of suicide.

The "Mental Breakdown" and the "Sleep" cure

Many readers probably remember someone or heard of someone having a "nervous breakdown" not that many years ago, and the fantasies we built were based on total secrecy ranging from seeing someone screaming in frenzied behavior to someone in a mummified state being hauled away in a straight jacket.

Brain Plasticity in Action: Getting smarter and happier

Up until ten years ago, the prevailing thought was that our brains were basically the same potential the day we were born until the day we died. However, with the advance of brain scans and increased capability to measure neuron function down to a single cell, I have had to concede that not only can the brain get “smarter and better balanced,” but this process lasts a lifetime. And to put the new findings into greater relevance, the smarter you get, the happier you get.

ADHD v. Depression and Anxiety

Since I was a child with a severe case of what is known as attention-deficit disorder, I have been extremely interested in the new explosion in new cases and the sudden interest in new trends in diagnoses. The number of children categorized under this label are above 17 million cases, appearing to be one of the greatest mental health epidemic of our times.

Redefining Depression and Anxiety for "Real" Help

Do you sometimes wonder if your brain is slipping away? You may be suffering from the downward spiral of Stress Storms.