I must admit that as a lifelong Yankee's fan, it's never easy for me to admit something about a player on another team. But Josh Hamilton, an outfielder for the Texas Rangers, being named as the American League Championship Series (ALCS) MVP could not make this writer any happier - not even if the Yankees won the ALCS.

This remarkable 29-year-old struggled back from alcohol and drug addiction to prove to people - particularly kids - that if you want to get sober you can and you can go on to become the best of "your bunch." Hamilton, in one of the most difficult sports, played so well that it got to the point where he was deliberately walked five times because he is just that good at the plate.

He would be considered a remarkable athlete if addiction were not part of the picture, but to think that someone who was "down and out" struggled back to thrive just underscores the story that much more.

I love the Yankees, but I love watching people get sober and regain their lives even more. With faith and the knowledge that one day at a time one can accomplish anything they want as long as they address their addictions first - well that's the lesson to be learned from this story.

And by the way, hats off to the Texas Rangers for being mindful enough to celebrate with ginger ale on Hamilton's behalf - now that's teamwork!

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