Oprah, That Speech, and Fierce Feminine Leadership

The speech that the world is talking about is a demonstration of what true feminine leadership looks like. And it will change more than we think.

Follow The Bread Crumbs to Your Purpose

Are you struggling to work out what your purpose is, or even how to start discovering what it is? This will help, and it's not what you think.

Is It Time To Build Your Exit Strategy?

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The Question That Will Set You Up for Failure...Every Time

Are you always trying to be the best possible version of yourself? Why that's setting you up for failure and what to do about it.

The Truth About Becoming More Confident

Are you dreaming of the day when you'll suddenly have the confidence to speak up and go after what you want? Here are 4 small steps you can take to build your confidence today.

Even If You Fail....So What?

What would you put your heart and soul and time and energy and love into, even if you had no guarantee of success. What would you do even if you failed?

Can You Be Vulnerable at Work?

Is there a place for vulnerability in the workplace? A discussion on what it means to be an authentic leader.

The Relationship That Can Make Your Career

Do you know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor? Here's why having a sponsor is key to career success.

What if You Were Just 10 Percent Braver?

What would it mean to you to be 10% braver? How would you show up differently? What decisions would you make differently? Try it and see.

8 Keys to Mentoring Success

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13 Ways to Find More Meaning

Are you one of the many people going through the motions when it comes to your career and struggling to find your purpose? Here are 13 simple ways to find more meaning.

Are You Showing Up With Presence?

Stop fighting yourself and start being yourself at work. How presence can lead to a fulfilling career.

Are You Waiting to Be Struck by Purpose?

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Quick and Easy Wins for Your Personal Brand

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What Do You Want to Be Known For?

Is your personal brand taking you to the places you want to go in your career? Here's the most important question you can ask when building your personal brand.

Feminine Is the New Balance

There's a new kind of balance in town that, if we get right, can address the root causes of why our lives (and the world) are so out of whack.

What's Your Gender Mindset?

Are you aware of your gender mindset and the impact it could be having on your career?

Why the World Needs New Leaders

Are you ready for a new shift in leadership? Here's the latest research on what people really want from their leaders today.

Is Your Bias Limiting You?

Are your behaviors and success being limited by your biases? Here are some simple reminders to keep your biases in check.

Speaking Out

Lacking the courage and confidence to speak out? A helpful interview on how to step into your power and use your voice.

The Things That Must Change

Are you sick of the same conversation about women and work? It's time for things to change this International Women's Day

Do You Know Your Derailment Factors? Part Two.

Are there hidden factors at play that are undermining your career success? Being aware of these derailment factors are critical, and could just save you from a career train wreck.

Do You Know Your Derailment Factors? Part Two

For career success you must know what you could derail you. Find out here.

Do You Know Your Derailment Factors? Part One.

Knowing your derailment factors is critical to your career success. In Part One of this two part series, business and leadership strategist Megan Dalla-Camina outlines 6 of the twelve factors you need to be thinking about to maximise your success.

Ten Things You Need For Career Success

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8 Ways to Bust Your Creative Blocks at Work

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Where Are Your Moments Of Joy?

Lost the joy in your life? Make time for the small moments.

Three Essential Steps for Career Planning Success

Key strategies for focussing on the essential elements you need for career success.

Are You Rejecting Your Feminine Traits?

Feminine traits hold little value in society today, and until women reclaim them, and we collectively honour them, women will continue to struggle with showing up authentically and with power. And men will remain in their gender normed roles, unable to create the changes they are seeking, and that we collectively need. It is time for a new model of power to emerge.