My Therapist's Office: The Ultimate Free Speech Zone

I have always felt that in my rants—my "passionate discourses"—I am at my most eloquent. But I can’t go on and on ranting to anyone, except my therapist! And she listens.

Do I Dare to Read a Poem?

The poets considered most brilliant are the ones who most directly confront our deepest fears.

The Young American Male: A Shameful Chronology of Neglect

Legitimate concerns about how young males are doing continue to be simply not PC.

Some Tips for Staying Married

Suggestions from a long-married guy for keeping your marriage going beyond those first few crazy-in-love passionate years (or months).

Must My Son Be a Feminist?

Everywhere I look there are examples of how boys are in need of re-shaping.

You Can't Teach Men (or Anyone Else) How They Should Feel

How are you going to change my attitudes, or those of my sons and grandsons, so we don’t feel threatened by women’s success?

Something Is Happening Here

Perhaps the biggest reason for my optimism about the movement on behalf of boys (and men) is the backlash against it.

Memo to Our Sons and Grandsons: The Future Is Female

When I read of Hillary Clinton’s video proclamation to the women of MAKERS that “the future is female,” my mind immediately raced to my four grandsons, ages 3, 7, 10, and 11.

On Always Seeing Things Through the Victim Lens

For a woman to assume that any interaction with a man that feels uncomfortable or demeaning is sexist could be an inaccurate appraisal.

Who Ruined Your Life?

Is it fair to single out our parents as the only people who ruined our lives? There are so many others who can share the blame.

Afterplay and the Importance of the Research "Outsider"

The most rewarding ideas and findings may come not from people immersed in a field or those who are themselves subject to a particular phenomenon, but rather from the outsider.

A Young Feminist's Compassionate View of Men

The Red Pill is the story of a young feminist who did something few feminists have done: She listened as non-judgmentally as possible to men and women in the men's rights movement.

Wedding Vows for Modern Times

Today's marital vows seem to be much more about personal fulfillment than about making a life and a home together.

Will We Ever Notice Boys' Struggles?

I was a strong supporter of feminism until I discovered — nearly 25 years ago — that boys, much more than girls, were struggling in school and other very important ways.

Lines for Ladies' Rooms Should Be a Major Feminist Concern

I have often wondered why feminism, which has dealt with so many important issues, seems to have largely ignored one that can, at least at times, be the most urgent.

My 50 Year Obsession: A Gendoir, Part II

What was true in the early 1990s remains true into the 21st century: To be concerned about boys does not fit well with liberal thinking.

My 50 Year Obsession: A Gendoir, Part I

I suddenly realized that while I, and so many others, were so busy trying to make sure that girls and women got ahead, boys and young men had fallen behind.

The Upcoming Genderal Election for President

Is it time for a woman president? Absolutely. In fact, it’s past time – and that’s a possible problem for Hillary Clinton.

It's Killing Us: Why Neglecting Boys Hurts Girls Too

It is my strong belief that a major reason we have not given youth suicides and ODs the attention they deserve is because they are more of a male problem than a female one.

Read This Now: A Fun Look at Procrastination

Why not take a lighthearted look at procrastination: why we do it and how to deal with it? There are probably some helpful hints in here, but it's all said in fun.

Boy Is Beautiful

Boys are likely to get the message – from school among other places – that there is something inherently wrong with them if they act like most boys have always acted.

Staying Together

It would help couples very much in making decisions if each person honestly said what they wanted.

Eschew This!

I have always had trouble understanding academic writing, but for years I thought it was just me.

A Man's World but Not a Boy's

What do I tell my sons? That they should encourage their sons to support the aspirations of girls, girls who are already surpassing them in school at all levels, and going on to graduate schools in larger numbers?

Let's Not Take It Out on the Children

When the modern women’s movement began to turn its attention to girls – as in books like Failing at Fairness: How America’s Schools Cheat Girls (published in 1994) – they were already doing better than boys on many measures of educational achievement, including college enrollment. Feminism should now, among its other campaigns, fight to make classrooms more boy-friendly.

Are You a Man or a Mouse?

“Are you a man or a mouse?” This exhortation has been a way that men have encouraged other men, especially younger ones, to be brave, not to run away but rather to take things up to the next level. However, considering what has happened to men these days, I think the expression can be considered in a whole new way. Especially because mice are really pretty brave.

They Probably Don't Want to Hear It

Don’t people get it? There are others who really do want to hear constantly about how your grandson, at the age of five, is a nationally ranked golfer, but I don’t. Actually, there are only three to five people who do: They are your spouse, your unbelievably wonderful grandchild’s parents, and the other grandparents. And that is it!

Ladies and Gentlemen

While these days I don’t think we’re hearing “lady” (and “ladies”) as much as “gentleman” (and “gentlemen”), when we do hear “lady,” it still carries an aura of goodness. But this association with goodness seems to be much more the case for lady than for gentleman. “Gentleman” is still widely used simply as a synonym for “man," sometimes even the perpetrator of a crime.

Women and Girls May Be Rising, but Boys Are Not

I have no daughters and no granddaughters. I do, however, have three sons and four grandsons. And Dr. Barash could not love his daughters any more than I love my sons and grandsons. The difference is that the greater society, the progressive society, loves his children too, whereas it pays little attention to mine or to my grandchildren.

Finding Something to Like

There is an art to what you say to people when you are evaluating their work and the work leaves much to be desired. My view is that you don’t want to be dishonest, but at the same time you don’t want to crush a person’s spirit.