Nancy Knapp

Vocabulary and Comprehension

Working with kindergarteners reminds us how important vocabulary is for reading comprehension. Kids come to school with widely different vocabularies, but adults can help!

Precocious Reading

Some children learn to read before they are formally taught. Then they arrive at school.

"So Much to Read, So Little Time!"

Speed reading courses and apps promise to help us learn to read faster and better, but do they really work?
Nancy F. Knapp

It's Poverty, Stupid!

Billions spent to raise U.S. reading scores have had little, if any, effect. Is the money misspent? Maybe, but there is another major factor holding us back.

After-School Programs Do Work!

Every year, after-school programs keep children safe, improve physical fitness, and support growth in literacy.

On Writing Systems

How different is it for children learning to read in a language that is not English? It may depend on the characteristics of the writing system that the language is written in.

Three Myths About “Reading Levels”

AR levels? Lexiles? DRA2? “Leveled” reading programs are everywhere, but they are often misunderstood and misused, based on three very common myths about reading levels.

The Music of Reading Aloud

When good readers read aloud, it sounds like music.

Safeguarding Students in an Age of Disinformation

"For every challenge..., there are scores of websites pretending to be something they are not." Stanford study finds students unprepared for this new world of disinformation.

Not Just Bilingual—Biliterate!

An increasing number of states are offering a Seal of Biliteracy to high school students who can read and write well in two languages. We think this is a good idea.

To Bribe or Not to Bribe

Reading incentive programs, where students get points or prizes, and sometimes even grades, for reading “fun” books, are a ubiquitous feature of many literacy programs.

Tipping the Balance

Think about what you’ve read recently. Do you generally read to learn about something or to be entertained?

Helping Sisyphus: Stopping the “Summer Slide” in Reading

Summer reading is important for kids, but is just getting them books enough? Find out why it might not be, and how to make summer reading work better for your children this summer.

It's Testing Season!

With so much money spent on high-stakes testing in schools, what can possibly go wrong? A lot, it turns out.

Give Them Reading! Part 2

Here are two more simple ways you can give the gift of reading to children in your family, your classroom, or your community.

In This New Year, Give Them Reading!

Four simple ways you can give the gift of reading to children—in your classroom, your community, or your own family!

Does Reading Matter?

Every decade, fewer adults in the U.S. are reading for pleasure. Does it matter?