Manti Te'o: A Psychological Analysis

What happened to Manti Te'o could happen to anybody in the Internet age. Here's why.

Hot New TV Show: "All My Babies' Mamas"

The latest reality show stars rapper Shawty Lo, his 11 kids and their 10 mamas. The push to ban the show is intense. Why are these shows so popular?

Another Mass Murder

Rather than scream for gun control, let's look at the real common denominator in these recent mass murders.

Picture Of Death

A photographer took a picture seconds before a man died. Could he have helped? Did he even care to help? Do we now see the real world through a lens like it's a TV show?

Greece: Economy Triggers Suicide Epidemic

Can a financial meltdown trigger a suicide epidemic?

Faith, Hope, Love and Gratitude

Faith, hope, love and gratitude: Four qualities that determine the mindset of a survivor.

ADHD And Defining Normal

ADHD is over-diagnosed and over-medicated. What's so great about being "normal" anyway?

Is Lance Armstrong Still A Hero?

Lance Armstrong lost his seven Tour de France titles due to doping. Does raising half a BILLION dollars for cancer count for anything?

Mass Murders Are On The Rise

Single death homicides have dropped 40 percent since 1980; yet mass murders are increasing. Why?

The Colorado Shooter: Psychotic Victim Or Evil Killer?

James Holmes killed 12 and injured 59 people. Was he psychotic or an evil, calculating sociopath?

The Pros and Cons Of Drinking At 18

An American 18 year old can legally work, marry, vote, rent and join the military. However, being a legal adult does not mean he can buy a beer.

The Psychology of Beauty

You might think being beautiful is all great. Think again.

Another Suicide Due to Bullying

Another child has taken his own life after relentless bullying. The more people who get involved, the quicker we will find a solution to this very real, very disturbing trend.

Environmental Stressors And Violence

Chicago had the warmest Memorial Day weekend since 1871. They also experienced a slew of shootings, leaving 11 dead and over 40 injured. Is there a link between the violence and environmental stressors?

Does Going Organic Make You A Jerk?

Have you decided to go organic? Be careful! You may become selfish and self-centered.
Was Junior Seau's Suicide Caused By Head Trauma?

Was Junior Seau's Suicide Caused By Head Trauma?

Junior Seau's suicide is the latest in a string of disturbing NFL players' deaths.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Marijuana remains a political hot button as society, legislatures and scientists still ponder, "Is marijuana addictive or not?"

Stepping Back in Time: Help for Alzheimer's

New state-of-the-art dementia treatment facility is a 1950s-era village.

Defining Normal: How Psychiatry Has Lost Its Way

How can one person use a set of "symptoms" as a springboard for success while another with the same symptoms needs meds and therapy?

Insider Trading: Putting the "Con" in Congress

Senate Ban on Insider Trading: Noble Intent or PR Genius?

Mark Berndt: Profile of Perversion

LA teacher molested, bound, gagged, and blindfolded children. Follow the twisted path from Teacher to Pedophile.

The Twisted Mind Of Joran van der Sloot

Joran van der Sloot pleads guilty in the murder of Stephany Flores. Why?