Drunkorexia: The new fad diet for young women—Eat less... drink more.

Forever Young: America's Obsession With Never Growing Old

Why is America such a youth obsessed culture?

Gut Bacteria Transplant: A New Treatment For Anxiety?

Gut bacteria transplantation holds promise in treating obesity and anxiety.

Is It Time To Legalize Marijuana?

52 percent of Americans think marijuana should be legalized. Here are the facts:

'The Walking Dead' Is Now a College Course

Want survival tips for a post-apocalyptic world? There's now a college course for that based on 'The Walking Dead'.

Violence, The Media And Your Brain

How media violence, from movies to TV to video games, adversely affects the brain.

St. John's Wort and Depression

Is St. John's wort a safe, effective alternative to medication for depression?

But... I Love Him!

There are countless excuses women give to justify staying in an abusive relationship. Why?

The Power of Hope

The power of hope defines the psychological victim and the psychological survivor.

Smartphone Addiction

Nomophobia- fear of being without your smartphone- affects 40% of the population

Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression

Depressed? Relief may be as close as your nearest vitamin D supplement.

Could Jodi Arias and OJ Simpson Be Soulmates?

Could OJ and Jodi be soulmates? A psychological analysis.

Zombies: Everything You Need To Know

Do you believe in zombies? A brief history and analysis.

Inside the Mind of OJ Simpson

Does OJ Simpson feel the rules of society do not apply to him?

Three Cleveland Women, Free at Last!

Do you believe in miracles? Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were rescued after 10 years.
Jodi Arias — Guilty, Murder 1: A Psychiatric Analysis

Jodi Arias — Guilty, Murder 1: A Psychiatric Analysis

Jody Arias is found guilty of murder 1. Does a psychiatric diagnosis explain why she did it?
White, Middle-Age Suicide In America Skyrockets

White, Middle-Age Suicide In America Skyrockets

Suicide by white middle-aged Americans has spiked 40% in the last ten years. Why?

Is Jodi Arias A Battered Woman?

Jodi Arias's latest defense: She was an abused and battered woman.

The Mind Of The Boston Marathon Bombers

Is being a "loser" now a reason for terrorism and mass murder?

The Boston Bombing and the War Against Evil

It's not the gun, knife or bomb, rather the person behind the act.

Human Trafficking In America

Do you think human trafficking is a third world problem that could never happen in America? Think again!

Does Jodi Arias Have Borderline Personality Disorder?

Armchair shrinks and casual observers alike are diagnosing Jodi Arias with Borderline Personality Disorder. Are they right?

Is The Pope Obsolete?

In this increasingly secular age, is the Pope obsolete?
Is Jodi Arias a Sociopath?

Is Jodi Arias a Sociopath?

Is Jodi Arias a battered woman, an obsessive woman, a femme fatale or a sociopath?

The Age Of Denial: Our Post Sequester Mindset

Washington's greed and incompetence has been accepted as the norm. The psychological concept of "learned helplessness" explains why.

The Gun-Suicide Myth

Analyzing the availability of guns as a suicide risk factor in the USA vs. Japan.

McCready's Suicide: No One to Blame; Much to Learn

What to blame for Mindy McCready's suicide? Fame, celebrity rehab, guns? No, no and no.

Today's Female Role Models: Lindsay and Kim

What does the behavior of Kim, Lindsay and other female "role models" teach young girls?

Pop-A-Pill Culture

Do 1 in 12 kids really have ADHD?

College Debt: Necessary Evil or Ponzi Scheme?

We tell kids to get a great education, go to college and success is almost certain. Wrong!