Robin Williams Dead, Suicide Suspected

Robin Williams shocks the world with apparent suicide.

New Treatments May Deliver Immediate Relief For Depression

Two new treatments appear to provide immediate relief for depression.

Which Antidepressant Works The Best?

There are dozens of antidepressants. Which ones work the best?

Pamela Anderson Reveals Childhood Abuse

Pamela Anderson reveals childhood sexual abuse.

Oscar Pistorius: Guilty Of Murder?

Oscar Pistorius is hot tempered; is he also a cold-bloodied killer?

Donald Sterling Proves Racism Persists In America

Can/Should Sterling be forced to sell his NBA team?

Dying With Dignity

Who should have the ultimate say on when and how we die?

ADHD and Refined Sugar

Can refined sugar trigger ADHD?

Treating ADHD with Vitamins and Minerals

Can micronutrient supplements treat ADHD?

True Detective: The Psychologically Disappointing Finale

The True Detective finale was disappointing.

True Detective: Maggie's Deal With The "Devil"

True Detective: Did Maggie sell her soul to the Yellow King?

True Detective: Is Maggie's Father the Yellow King?

Could Maggie's dad be the Yellow King? More "True Detective" analysis.

True Detective: Is Hart the Yellow King?

Clues abound in True Detective. Is one of the detectives the yellow king?

True Detective: The Psychology of Hart And Cohle, Part III

True Detective's Hart and Cohle: Human frailty, fighting for honor, and a chance at redemption.

True Detective: A Psychological Analysis

True Detective: The identities and broken boundaries of Hart and Cohle.

Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Curse Of Addiction

Understanding Philip Seymour Hoffman's relapse after 23 years of sobriety.

Is Amanda Knox Another Jodi Arias?

Amanda Knox: Did she or didn't she?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treats Depression

TMS: A new, noninvasive treatment for depression.

True Detective: The Psychology of Hart and Cohle

HBO's True Detective: A psychological analysis of detectives Hart & Cohle (heart and soul).

Low Zinc Levels Associated With Depression

Can a zinc supplement treat depression?

The Lies We Love To Hate

What do the top stories of 2013 have in common? The big lie.

Who Attempts Suicide?

Suicide prevention: Who attempts suicide and why?
Insomnia And Depression: Cause vs Effect?

Insomnia And Depression: Cause vs Effect?

New studies show insomnia could be a cause of depression.

The Benefits Of Gratitude

Giving thanks daily for what you have is powerful and life changing.

Chris Brown Is In Trouble Again

Chris Brown kicked out of anger management because... he's too angry?

George Zimmerman Is Arrested Again

George Zimmerman is a ticking time bomb.

Body Snatchers: Organ Harvesting For Profit

Kidneys and other organs are selling to the highest bidder on the black market.

Young Love

A love letter from an elementary school guy asking Ashley to be his girlfriend.

What's New With Jodi Arias?

A reanalysis of Jody Arias: The psychology of a killer.
Bad Behavior On Airplanes

Bad Behavior On Airplanes

Have you flown lately? Outrageous behavior is out of control. Here's why: