Yik Yak

Yik Yak: Dangerous new app for bullying or harmless gossip site?

Dancing Man Found: Dance Like No One Is Watching

#1 trending topic, #DancingManFound, proves there is still goodness in the world.

Jodi Arias Wins

After a deadlocked jury, for Jodi Arias the death penalty is now off the table.

Jodi Arias Update

The Jodi Arias jury deliberations continue.

Brian Williams Misremembers

Could America's most trusted news anchor be a pathological liar?

James Holmes: A Psychiatric Analysis

Is James Holmes a victim of insanity or a calculating killer?

Suicide And The Holidays

Suicide rates spike during the holidays and other suicide myths.

The Selfie Stick

The Selfie Stick: Perfect accoutrement for the digital narcissist.

The New Heroin User

Today's heroin addict is college-aged, professional and white.

Saving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has become just a day for shopping and sales. How to recapture the essence of giving thanks.

Bill Cosby Must Come Clean

Bill Cosby remains silent as rape allegations multiply.

Harold Henthorn's Secret Life

Harold Henthorn lost both of his wives. Is he in mourning or is he a murderer?

A New Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease?

New Alzheimer's treatment: Diet, exercise, supplements, sleep and meditation

Rude Technology

Where have all the manners gone? Technology and rudeness.

Is It Ever OK to Give Your Child a Whipping?

When does discipline become child abuse?

Is Jodi Arias A Narcissist?

Arias craves attention more than she fears death.

Robin Williams Dead, Suicide Suspected

Robin Williams shocks the world with apparent suicide.

New Treatments May Deliver Immediate Relief For Depression

Two new treatments appear to provide immediate relief for depression.

Which Antidepressant Works The Best?

There are dozens of antidepressants. Which ones work the best?

Pamela Anderson Reveals Childhood Abuse

Pamela Anderson reveals childhood sexual abuse.

Oscar Pistorius: Guilty Of Murder?

Oscar Pistorius is hot tempered; is he also a cold-bloodied killer?

Donald Sterling Proves Racism Persists In America

Can/Should Sterling be forced to sell his NBA team?

Dying With Dignity

Who should have the ultimate say on when and how we die?

ADHD and Refined Sugar

Can refined sugar trigger ADHD?

Treating ADHD with Vitamins and Minerals

Can micronutrient supplements treat ADHD?

True Detective: The Psychologically Disappointing Finale

The True Detective finale was disappointing.

True Detective: Maggie's Deal With The "Devil"

True Detective: Did Maggie sell her soul to the Yellow King?

True Detective: Is Maggie's Father the Yellow King?

Could Maggie's dad be the Yellow King? More "True Detective" analysis.

True Detective: Is Hart the Yellow King?

Clues abound in True Detective. Is one of the detectives the yellow king?