Mindfulness and Rationality

At first glance, the mindfulness practice of bare attention may seem to exclude the practice of analyzing one's thinking. But if you look closely, you find that mindfulness and rationality are not only complementary—each is almost useless without the other.

Casey Anthony: Making a Case for Compassion

For a Buddhist, there are good religious reasons to abandon anger and cultivate kindness, but there are ample mental health-related incentives for transcending ill will and cultivating compassion for the Casey Anthonys of the world.

The Buddha and Albert Ellis: The Eightfold Path meets the ABCs of REBT

The “ABCs of REBT” help determine when a cognition creates stress and suffering and helps get rid of it. Buddhism's Right Effort encourages the practitioner to examine the mind and determine if there are harmful or helpful mental states present. The two approaches go hand-in-hand.