Feeling Entitled to a Little Gratitude This Mother’s Day?

Here’s an icky confession: Since becoming a mother, I have dreaded Mother’s Day.

You Will Never Find Work-Life Balance

Your work and your personal life do not amount to a zero-sum game, where more of one means you’re compromising the other.

3 Surprising Ways to Feel More Loved

Are you focused on romantic love this Valentine’s Day? You’re missing an opportunity! Building stronger connections with others can lead to happiness, health and fulfillment.

Five Steps to End Your Email Addiction

Many of my clients spend most of their waking existence monitoring their email and social media feeds. Sound familiar? 5 steps to help you check less, but work—and play—more.

Are You Setting the Right Goals?

Hundreds of studies have shown that goal setting is a way to improve performance as well as happiness and well-being.

3 New Year’s Resolutions to Make You Happier

Make the right resolution this year. Pick one that research shows will make you happier! Three good ones here.

5 Ways to Say No When You Really Need To

Saying “yes” to invitations, favors, and requests when we mean “no” is a recipe for overwhelm and exhaustion.

20 Questions to Ask This Holiday Season

Our friends and family know what to expect when they come to our house for a meal: Jeffersonian conversations. Thomas Jefferson seated all his guests at one table for dinner, where he asked each guest a single question for all to hear…no side conversations or small-talk allowed. Sounds rigid, but these sorts of dinners are FUN over the holidays.

3 Surprising Ways to Feel Less Busy

Although people tell me all the time they like feeling busy — perhaps because it makes them feel important and significant — I’m not buying it. Would you ever choose busyness over a more relaxed form of productivity?

3 Steps to Finding Your Flow

Athletes call this mental state being in “The Zone”; psychologists call it “flow” or peak experience, and they have linked it to leading a life of happiness and purpose.

The 3 Essential Pieces of an Effective Apology

People make mistakes all the time. Not just bad people, or weak people. All people. Our mistakes are what make us human. And even when we don’t think that we’ve made a mistake, other people will often find errors in our ways. We human beings are walking offenders.

8 Ways to Achieve More by Working Less

Strategic slacking has enabled me to dramatically increase both the quality of my work and the amount I get done in a given day. It increases productivity because we don't think or work or create at the same rate throughout the day.

3 Risks You Should Be Ready to Take to Fall in Love

Love feels magical and biological—something that just happens to us, something beyond our control. Research shows, however, that love is better thought of as behavioral—or even transactional.

Don’t Fool Yourself: Use Technology Intentionally

Social media can stress us out—or help us feel love and connection. The key is to understand their impact and use them strategically.

Want Success and Happiness? Be Divergent, Not Perfect

We will not find our groove by conforming to unrealistic ideals or outdated stereotypes. To find our groove, we must allow ourselves to be complex and divergent -- our authentic, balanced selves.

Five Foolproof Ways to Feel More Joy in 2015

These first few weeks in January are a precious time for getting ourselves on a path toward more joy in the year ahead. But that can be a surprisingly tricky task--too often, we pursue happiness in ways that don’t actually bring us greater joy, fulfillment, or satisfaction. So how do we set out on the right path?

The 3 Most Important Things for Keeping Resolutions

More than half of people who make New Year’s resolutions give up on them by June. Don’t join this failing 50% in 2015! Instead, follow these three research-based strategies for making resolutions that stick.

3 Simple Ways to Deal with a Difficult Person

We are all just looking for love and approval. This holiday season, the greatest gift we can give a difficult person—and ourselves—is to accept them fully, with love.

Why Happiness Is the Wrong Pursuit

On some abstract level, we know that money and other outward signs of success won’t ultimately make us happy—perhaps because we know wealthy or famous or powerful people who are deeply unhappy—but on another level, we don’t really believe it... or at least we don’t believe it applies to us.

How to Practice Extreme Gratitude

Ahh, the holidays. For many of us regular gratitude-practicers, this extra grateful time of year can seem like a bit more of the same. Sometimes our gratitude practices can become a bit routine, not quite as juicy as it was when we first started. Research suggests that when a practice starts to become too rote, its benefits start to wear off.

Feel Starved for Time? Here’s a Surprising–and Easy–Solution

We have gotten really, really bad at just doing nothing. We can’t even stand to wait in an elevator for 10 seconds without checking our smartphones.

A New Theory of Elite Performance

As the kids head back to school, I'm thinking about what really leads to success--as well as happiness. Part one in a three-part series.

Failure Makes You a Winner

What quality does the Buddha share with Luke Skywalker and Joan of Arc? What links Harriet Tubman with Harry Potter? It has nothing to do with enlightenment or magic. It has to do with struggle. These heroes share a key quality: GRIT.

Why I Send My Kids to Camp

Sending your kids off to camp may incite anxiety in them and you. Today's post discusses why a little discomfort will ultimately lead to growth and happiness.

Three Quick Tips for Saving the Earth

According to one of UC Berkeley's cutting edge ocean researchers climate change is happening too slowly for people to care enough to change. I offer three tips to encourage your own earth-saving change.

Influencing Teens and Tweeners, Part 2

Five more ways to get through to your adolescent.

How to Influence Your Teen, Part 1

Ten ways to decrease their resistance to your wise advice.

Three Surprising Truths about Teens

A scientific expert on adolescence answers our burning questions.

The Kids Are Not All Right

Do you think you worry too much about your children? How much is enough?

How to Get Your Household to Run Itself

An old standby that really works