Is Your Kid Mean?

We all want to protect our children from bullying. Most parents, I imagine, would be horrified to hear that their children are being picked on at school, and equally horrified to hear that they are bullies themselves.

The “Good” Divorce

The title of this post is misleading: Divorce is difficult and painful for everyone involved, especially kids. I've never known anyone to have a "good" divorce, in that way you have a good meal or good sex—even when divorce was the right thing to do for everyone, including the kids.

Why Your Happiness Matters: A Call for Happier Parents Everywhere

Many parents today are unhappy, but they assume that their stress and anxiety and even depression are all just part of being a parent today.

Enthusiastic Spouses Have Happy Marriages

Last summer when my brother was getting married, I inundated him with the science of happily married couples. I wanted to give him a guide to not making the mistakes I had made. My “best woman” toast was very nearly a litany of advice.

Rigging Kids’ Brains for Happy Memories

When I was in fifth grade, I was teased ruthlessly each morning on the bus to school. I had frizzy hair I tried to style like Farrah Faucet’s and buck teeth. I was awkward and had a tendency to brown-nose. Worst of all, my bus stop was the last one, giving the mean kids ample time to plot how they would torture me. (A favorite was simply to throw berries at me.)