Social Psychology of Democracy, Wisdom

What makes for a strong democracy? The Founders (and a few others) weigh in, with some surprising insights.

The Social Psychology of Democracy

Why and how do democracies fail and become autocracies? What are the social and psychological phenomena leading people to lose faith in democracy and support tyrannies?

To My Undergraduate Class on the Election

A sociologist committed to political diversity in academia "talks" to his undergraduate class about the election.

The Science Reform Effort and Its Discontents

A controversial essay by a former President of the Association for Psychological Science has evoked trenchant responses from science writers around the web.

Three Cheers for Methodological Terrorists

A political scientist argues that statistical and methodological criticism is central to improving psychological research, and that stigmatizing such critiques is deeply misguided.

What Is Wrong With Social Psychological Science?

The dysfunctions in psychological science go way beyond replication

How Is Incivility Related to Scientific Integrity?

Psychological science is in distress. Studies fail to replicate at what some consider an alarming rate. Its statistics and methods are a mess. And its scientists behave badly.

Psychology of Scientific Integrity: Graduate Syllabus

Scientific fields from biomedicine to psychology are a mess. How bad? No one really knows. Maybe it is not that bad. Maybe it is awful.

Is It Offensive to Declare a Psychological Claim Wrong?

You might think that scientists just let the data speak. Instead, if what the data say is, "Your pet theory or claim is wrong," many scientists get very defensive and hostile.

Psychology of Scientific Integrity: Undergraduate Syllabus

Psychological science is a mess. How bad of a mess? No one knows. Here is the actual syllabus for my undergraduate course, The Psychology of Scientific Integrity.

What Explains Demographic Gaps? Simpson's Paradox

Racial, gender, and other gaps do not always reflect discrimination

The Rules of Engagement in Controversial Discourse

How to engage in civll discourse on controversial topics without really having to try all that hard.

D.W. Sue: Microaggressions Are NOT Always Racism

Promoter of the term "microaggression" regrets its weaponization and chilling effect on campus free speech.

Hard Truths and Half-Truths about Race on Campus, Part III

Racial differences in achievement are large, "microaggressions" have been weaponized, humility and forgiveness without witch hunts, and a correction.

Hard Truths and Half-Truths about Race on Campus, Part II

Stereotype threat research and the validity of standardized tests: A tale of overselling and science denialism (by social scientists!)

Hard Truths and Half-Truths About Race on Campus, Part I

"Affirmative action" does not require preferential selection (and is NOT color blind); protests calling for quotas are especially misguided.

Racial and Political Gaps

Newspaper editorials and some interesting scholarly developments suggest that the fight against political bias is actually having some influence.

What Explains Racial, Gender, and Other Group-Based Gaps?

Racial and gender gaps are everywhere. So are social class gaps, political gaps, and all sorts of other gaps. Does discrimination cause all gaps? (Spoiler: Probably not)

Rabble Rouser Roundup: Campus Free Speech Widely Threatened

Roundup of alternative perspectives and controversies bearing down on campuses around the country.

Are Most Published Social Psychology Findings False?

Social psychology is riddled with failures to replicate and, possibly, questionable research practices. How bad is it?

Is Stereotype Threat Overcooked, Overstated, and Oversold?

How to sell weak and equivocal results as Amazing World Changing findings. (Hint: "Airbrush" data so they tell a beautiful egalitarian story even when they do not).

When Is a Feminist Not a Feminist?

Some sex differences (as quantitative mean differences, just like in experiments) in social and psychological life will continue as long as we remain human.

Introducing Heterodox Academy

Fighting "Mirror Image McCarthyism" and Advancing Political Diversity on Campuses

Mostly Leftist Threats to Mostly Campus Speech

Social justice, trigger warnings, microagressions -- mounting threats to freedom of speech on campuses and elsewhere

Women in Science, What Explains Gaps, Part II

The nearly obsessive emphasis on discrimination as THE source of the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields among social scientists is not wrong, but it is misplaced. The gap comes from many difference sources. Ignoring those does women a disservice.

Women in Science: What Explains Gaps? Part I

A guest post by a female physicist argues against discrimination as the sole factor producing a gender gap in STEM and for scientific work practices that support raising families.

Political Diversity Will Improve Psychological Science

It is time that social psychology took proactive steps to make it less hostile and more inviting to nonliberals, and to upgrade the quality of its science in order to limit the role of political biases in distorting its conclusions

Conservative Feminism

If you want to be accepted by mainstream, contemporary feminism, you must identify as pro-choice, reject the reality of innate or biologically based gender differences or the concept of human nature, condemn traditional relationships and family dynamics, and subscribe to specific avenues for achieving gender equality and justice.

Contesting Leftist "Scientific" Narratives: Women's Voices

Women actually in science contest (in a nuanced manner) cherished social psychological narratives about the oppression and exclusion of women in science.

The Sexism in Science Controversies

Are scientific claims of sexism in science overstated?