Big Little Truth: When Women Get Along On Screen We All Win

HBO's "Big Little Lies" showed women being compassionate toward one another, even as their world conspired to make them enemies.

White House Targets Transgender Students: Bad For Us All

No matter what your politics are, it is in the best interest of our collective mental health to protect all of our students, not just some of them.

Three Relationship Tips, Courtesy of the Obamas

The exemplary relationship practices the Obamas shared with each other and the world, is a rare and valuable form of leadership that we benefitted from on a daily basis.

Immigration and the Benefits of Other-Regarding Actions

Studies show that empathy, generosity, and altruism can lead to a healthier, happier, and longer life. So, let's offer it up to our fellow Americans: old, new, and aspiring.

Of Brothers and Dolls, or How Princess Leia Saved My Life

We can encourage our children to play, and to express themselves fully, without having to blame others when they don't get their way.

Modern Weddings Explode Gender Roles

Much as same-sex couples have been doing for years, straight spouses-to-be are now creating weddings that reveal who they are as individuals and as a pair.

Tips to Survive Thanksgiving in Post-Election Turmoil

How can we get through Thanksgiving without harming anyone or being harmed? We must keep our expectations low, and our goals specific. Try to connect over being right.

Boys Will Be...What We Let Them Be

Ken Corbett's "A Murder Over a Girl," is a must-read psychological diagnosis of our current political and cultural climate.

This Election Is Not Just About You

America is about freedom and opportunity for all, not just a few.

Who Looks After You?

Psychotherapy offers relational support that is crucial to our emotional wellbeing, no matter who or how old we are.

Dear Actor (or Artist), What You do is Invaluable

Actors, and all artists, develop their own voices so as to inspire the voices of other people. And in that sense, one can practice their artistic craft in everything they do.

Leslie Jones Is a Movie Star Who Makes Me Laugh and Cry

The more diversity of characters and actors we see on our stages and screens, the more opportunities we can create for identification and empathy between one another.

A Case of the Trumps

Leon Neyfakh talks to psychotherapist, Mark O’Connell, LCSW, about how Trump is making his way into his clients’ psyches.

Celebrating Marriage Equality's One Year Anniversary

How have things been different for loving couples since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality, one year ago?

Tony-Nominated Director Liesl Tommy Makes More Than History

When we share our authentic stories and listen carefully to those around us, we all win. And we can thank people like the Tony nominated director Liesl Tommy, for showing us how.

Silence Is Killing Your LGBT Relatives

All queer people are equally in the crosshairs of homegrown hatred. Our straight families and friends need to recognize this openly and explicitly.

Tips to Disinherit Your Daughter Without Guilt

Exposing our socially conditioned misogyny can help us to heal from it, and to reclaim everyone we disinherit when our biases go unchecked.

The Same Sex Parent-Child Wedding Dance

Marriage equality has given us the opportunity to discuss the possibility of same sex parent-child dancing at weddings, and the underlying significance of such rituals.

Queer Couch for the Straight Girl

A queer therapist describes therapy with a straight woman, and how the therapist being out helped the client to create a new story for her life.

What We Can Learn From a Traveling, Talking, Mime

Master storyteller, Bill Bowers, shows us how to make the invisible visible in his new solo show about traveling the world as a mime who talks.

Psychoanalysis and CBT Go to Couples Therapy

What if psychoanalysis and CBT went to couples therapy to resolve their never-ending war? This comedic one act explores what that might be like.

Stop, Breathe, and Think

We can blame Donald Trump for rousing this primitive strategy of dehumanizing anyone who challenges us, but we can blame only ourselves for allowing it to flourish.

The Oscar Speech I Wanted: Mya Taylor From "Tangerine"

I commissioned Mya Taylor from the film "Tangerine" to give the Oscar speech I wanted this year. Hollywood and the Oscars need to do better to celebrate unsung lives and stories.

Hollywood Diversity Awakens!

Casting with diversity in mind is a gift for everyone.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Surviving the Holidays

No matter how functional your family is you are guaranteed to be disappointed by the holidays in some way, and also to disappoint. But you can get ahead of all this with my help; forewarned is forearmed. Here are some easy do's and dont's to help you navigate through the Helliday minefields and to even possibly have a good time.

My Gay Voice and Yours

The great documentary "Do I Sound Gay," explores the cultural misogyny and homophobia that inhibits all of our voices. We can all benefit form challenging these norms and allowing ourselves more freedom to listen and to have authentic voices of our own, regardless of our gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

Guns, Mental Health, and Insurance

We can’t identify who is going to be the next shooter with tests and diagnosis. But we can adjust our thinking regarding optimal mental and physical health and, rather than continuing to stigmatize those individuals engaged in long term talk therapy, accept the fact that it provides great benefits for all of us.

Coming Out and Taking In

As righteous, thrilling, and important as coming out is--and it is!--it is equally important to take in. Taking in is when we recognize the potential others see in us and let ourselves make meaning out of it.

Viola Davis Matters

Onscreen storytelling is only enhanced by diversity, both in front of and behind the camera. Letting a variety of people into our imaginations and our lives often yields huge rewards.

How to be a Groomsgal

Marriage equality is not just for "the gays." Wedding ceremonies and customs are evolving for all couples.