What We Can Learn From a Traveling, Talking, Mime

Master storyteller, Bill Bowers, shows us how to make the invisible visible in his new solo show about traveling the world as a mime who talks.

Psychoanalysis and CBT Go to Couples Therapy

What if psychoanalysis and CBT went to couples therapy to resolve their never-ending war? This comedic one act explores what that might be like.

Stop, Breathe, and Think

We can blame Donald Trump for rousing this primitive strategy of dehumanizing anyone who challenges us, but we can blame only ourselves for allowing it to flourish.

The Oscar Speech I Wanted: Mya Taylor From "Tangerine"

I commissioned Mya Taylor from the film "Tangerine" to give the Oscar speech I wanted this year. Hollywood and the Oscars need to do better to celebrate unsung lives and stories.

Hollywood Diversity Awakens!

Casting with diversity in mind is a gift for everyone.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Surviving the Holidays

No matter how functional your family is you are guaranteed to be disappointed by the holidays in some way, and also to disappoint. But you can get ahead of all this with my help; forewarned is forearmed. Here are some easy do's and dont's to help you navigate through the Helliday minefields and to even possibly have a good time.

My Gay Voice and Yours

The great documentary "Do I Sound Gay," explores the cultural misogyny and homophobia that inhibits all of our voices. We can all benefit form challenging these norms and allowing ourselves more freedom to listen and to have authentic voices of our own, regardless of our gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

Guns, Mental Health, and Insurance

We can’t identify who is going to be the next shooter with tests and diagnosis. But we can adjust our thinking regarding optimal mental and physical health and, rather than continuing to stigmatize those individuals engaged in long term talk therapy, accept the fact that it provides great benefits for all of us.

Coming Out and Taking In

As righteous, thrilling, and important as coming out is--and it is!--it is equally important to take in. Taking in is when we recognize the potential others see in us and let ourselves make meaning out of it.

Viola Davis Matters

Onscreen storytelling is only enhanced by diversity, both in front of and behind the camera. Letting a variety of people into our imaginations and our lives often yields huge rewards.

How to be a Groomsgal

Marriage equality is not just for "the gays." Wedding ceremonies and customs are evolving for all couples.

What Is Transgender? A Beautiful Short Film With an Answer

Dylan is a short film written and directed by Elizabeth Rohrbaugh, and is based on a interview done with Dylan Winn Garner. The film follows a young trans man as he explains his story, his exploration in the trans community, his family's acceptance of his identity, and ultimately his physical and emotional transformation.

The SCOTUS Ruling on Marriage Equality is Good for Everyone

The language of American law--e.g., “Marriage is a commitment between one man and one woman.”--is sometimes in need of a hermeneutic update in order to truly do its job: to protect us all. In much the same way it is often necessary to use anomalous language in a variety of disciplines--medicine, psychology, religion--as we live, learn, and evolve.

Fun Home and the Gift of Being Out

The Tony Award-winning musical, Fun Home—based on the graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel—show us that living our truth leads to a livable life.

Same Sex Wedding Advice for Everyone

Marriage equality is flourishing across the United States, yielding more same-sex weddings than ever before. Here I share a few ideas – some from my own experience – for navigating the unknown terrain of same-sex weddings, all of which will help any couple (gay or straight) who want to celebrate individuality over tradition.

Don't Just Ask Bruce Jenner for Answers, Ask Yourself

The more we understand our own relationships to gender, the more room we have to live with freedom, with authenticity, with a sense of integration, and the less we scapegoat our marginalized sisters and brothers who are targeted, discriminated against, and attacked.

Celebration Planning Can Be Effective Therapy

Can planning a wedding (or any milestone celebration) be effective therapy? Yes, it can! I explained how in my interview with the Imago Relationships International Think Tank.

Fail! A Tip for Valentine's Day

It is necessary to fail in all of our relationships if we ever want them to grow.

Same Sex Marriage Has Opened Doors for All of US

The new paradigm of marriage explodes restrictive categories and in their place offers greater freedom for both gay and straight couples.

Into the White White Woods

What better time to address racism, and the ill-effects of unchecked systems of power and privilege, than when we are seated comfortably in our bubbles of power and privilege? While watching holiday movies with our families. A time during which we celebrate fantastic images of who we are--or at least who we dream ourselves to be--projected onto an enormous screen?

Modern Marriage

We can use the imagination and the will to adapt that allowed us to claim meaningful partnerships in the face of adversity--and against all odds--to remain awake, alive, and engaged with our spouses, well beyond our wedding days.

How My World Became the Real World

Reality will always be there to give us the hand and say, "You shall not pass!" But the trick is to not retreat or have a tantrum. But instead to feel the blow of disappointment and then adapt, until the world, transformed by your impact, has enough room for you to be in it.

Hand-in-Hand: Marriage Equality and Gender Equality

As we wait for the U.S. Supreme Court (“SCOTUS”) to decide whether or not to address state bans on same-sex marriage, we can reflect on how quickly marriage equality has ricocheted across the country since SCOTUS struck down a key section of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013. We also do well to ask ourselves what these rapid changes imply about our culture.

You Can Be Womanly, Manly, or Both, at Work

The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) announcement last month–about forthcoming guidelines to clarify and enforce full protection of federal non-discrimination laws for transgender individuals–is great news for everyone.

Playing in the Spaces

In Harvey Fierstein’s Tony nominated play, “Casa Valentina”, men embody women. Or rather they reveal themselves through women’s clothing, mannerisms, and identities, showing us the beauty of gender ambiguity.

The Shakesepearean Art of Throwing Back Thursday

A new study suggests that the self reflective characters Shakespeare created may have inspired his audiences to tap into their own subconscious. In sharing our own self reflections, via art and even social media, can we offer one another something similar?

Don't Act, Don't Tell

Homophobia based on seeming gay makes the world a more dangerous place for every person, however one identifies.

Love Bites: Couples Counseling for V Day

This Feb. 14, I recommend sharing something perhaps less arousing but far more sustaining than small bites, sweet bites, and all other bites you're likely to share with your partner: sincere sound bites.

A Clinic Invested In Your Identity

The freedom to perform our lives with fearlessness, versatility, and truth is optimal mental health. Dr. Charles Silverstein's IHI Therapy Center has helped clients to approach their lives in this way since 1973.

Three Ways Marriage Is a Queer Choice

For many of us, the choice of marriage is a highly informed one. Here are three ways that I find nuptials to be a liberating queer choice—for straight and gay couples alike.