Marital Conflicts and Strengths-Based Resolutions

Fighting with your partner? Maybe you are not considering their signature strengths? Here are some tips to resolve the conflict.

Grow Your Bank Account (Psychological)

When was the last time you made a deposit into your psychological bank account? Get rich quick with this strategy!

From Arrogance to Appreciation

Using the compass of character strengths to move through the journey of life, takes us from arrogance to appreciation.

Parenting: From Well-Doing to Well-Being

A strengths-based approach to parenting.

From Grit to Growth

Focusing on a handful of character qualities is “character-education-as-usual.” Wouldn’t a stronger approach be to get to know who the child/adult is? What are their unique signature strengths? How might their highest strengths be embraced, celebrated, and developed?

How to Evaluate Character: A New Approach

Everyone has a certain set of character strengths. It is how we use those strengths that will determine our success.

Three Tips on How to Beat the Blues with Character Strengths

Feeling down, unmotivated or depressed? Here is how you can use your unique character strengths to pull you out of a bad mood or stressful situation.

Healing Hurts Can Help

Everyone is different—let's appreciate differences and focus on strengths.

Presidential Character: The Results Are In

What are the character strengths that you would like to see in the next President of the United States? What character strengths are most commonly seen in the candidates? This article explores these two questions.

Presidential Character Assassination

Can you get past the political mudslinging this election season? Try focusing on the strengths of the candidates instead.

School Made Easy: Character Education is the Key

In Mr. Sharp's 4th-grade classroom, the VIA Character strengths aren't just part of the curriculum. They've helped create a remarkable classroom culture.

Pinot Noir: Character and Adversity

What do your character strengths have in common with a fine wine? You can use them to overcome adversity - and that is no small accomplishment (for people and for grapes). The notion that struggle can actually be helpful to us has its place in positive psychology. 

Strong organizations: Combining mission with passion

Workplace teams are often built on complementary talents. That can be OK as far as it goes - but workplace teams built on complementary character strengths can go a lot farther.

The Character Harmonica

VIA character strengths play a lot like the notes of the harmonica.  They tend to look good, feel good, and produce good results when we play them - alone or together with other notes.

Pyramids of Power: Character Strengths in the Classroom

A veteran schoolteacher knows it's never too early to live by your strengths. Fourth-graders create their own "Pyramids of Power" using the VIA Character Strengths.

Purpose-Driven Parenting

News flash! Being a parent isn't always fun. That's where pleasure, engagement and meaning come in - for everybody involved.

Strengths: What's in a Name?

When it comes to working with the VIA character strengths in practice, "strengths" means something specific - and "strengths-based" refers to two different approaches.

Strengths: Not a Toy Hammer

The VIA Classification brings a language of strengths to reframing - and other tools of psychotherapy.

Judging Character: When We Fall Short

 There are  books about why bad things happen to good people and why good things happen to good people. Now we need a book that talks about when good people do bad things, such as when an honest person lies.

Graduation Season: What's Next?

The graduation message sent out to all is that those who excel in school are the most likely to excel in life. That's not true. We all have good chances of developing excellent lives for ourselves.

Emotions = Character?

What's the link between our VIA character strengths and our positive emotions?

Classical Character: Gabriela Montero

Gabriela Montero is a pianist whose world changed when a brilliant friend saw - and supported - her unique strength.

Exercising Signature Strengths Is a Key to Sustainability

Sustainability is the buzzword of today's progressive movements in business and environmentalism.

Oscars Psyche

50 Million People Watch the Oscars! Why?

Winter Olympics: Standing Tall off the Medal Stand

Is it possible to live with satisfaction -- off the Olympic medal stand?

The Westminster People Show

Is the purpose of the VIA Classification of Character -- which defines what is best about the human experience -- to help us become our most virtuous selves or is the goal to help us live our own, unique authentic lives? Let's start by looking at the Westminster dog show!

The Contagion of Character: Building a Better Society, Not Just a Better Self

Character has a ripple effect.  It takes us beyond focus on the self....